Todays Conference
Anthony Armendariz @favoriteshape

The Zero Interface: Think, Done. Any step we add to that has the potential to ruin everything. So choose wisely. @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:49:11 WIB
Kris LoCascio @krislocascio

enjoying @brad_frost 's #bdconf tweet notes.. he's also posting recaps on his blog guys a machine.

17/04/2012 02:48:51 WIB
Josh Clark @bigmediumjosh

Step 1: Think. Step 2: Done. "Any other step we add threatens to ruin everything. Choose carefully."—@stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:48:24 WIB
Brad Frost @brad_frost

Think zero interface. Everything we introduce has the potential to ruin everything. Ask: Is this absolutely necessary? @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:48:20 WIB
Dave Olsen @dmolsen

looking forward to picking through all the great #bdconf tweets later. interested in mobile? follow that tag.

17/04/2012 02:48:13 WIB
Bridget Stewart @bridgetstewart

.@stephenhay Showing plain HTML works on any device. We "break" it when we layer on CSS/JS, especially when we do those before HTML #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:47:47 WIB
Ms. Jen @msjen

"I use pandoc. Pandoc is so awesome, we should have a moment of silence." - @stephenhay on designing in text #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:47:34 WIB
Beyond The Desktop @bdconf

Properly structured content is portable to future platforms by design. @stephenhay #BDConf

17/04/2012 02:46:45 WIB
Josh Clark @bigmediumjosh

The big theme at #bdconf so far. @stephenhay: "Properly structured content is portable to future platforms."

17/04/2012 02:46:30 WIB
Brad Frost @brad_frost

The device landscape is constantly changing. Properly structured content is portable to future platforms. @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:46:25 WIB
Lyza Danger Gardner @lyzadanger

Oh, @stephenhay , my bro, props to markdown and pandoc. WERD UP!! #bdconf #LoveIt

17/04/2012 02:45:57 WIB
Brad Frost @brad_frost

Plain HTML works on your phone. JOB'S DONE! @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:44:37 WIB
Brad Frost @brad_frost

Designing in text. Simple markdown or text documents abstract the content and establish the content hierarchy and flow. @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:44:18 WIB
Beyond The Desktop @bdconf

"Pandoc is so awesome that we should have a moment of silence." @stephenhay #BDConf *silence*

17/04/2012 02:44:18 WIB
Ryan Rumsey @ryanrumsey

It seems I'll just be re-tweeting @brad_frost all day. Next best thing to a flight, hotel and #bdconf ticket.

17/04/2012 02:44:09 WIB
Mike Bohman @bohmanart

We're not creating pages, we're creating systems of components @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:42:53 WIB
Sasha Sklar @sashasklar

Design your content first, @stephenhay likes to do this in Markdown #BDConf

17/04/2012 02:42:45 WIB
Brad Frost @brad_frost

We're not designing pages. We're designing systems of components. @stephenhay #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:41:20 WIB
Sasha Sklar @sashasklar

@stephenhay is talking about going straight to the html/css prototype. Am I the only thinking "Twitter Bootstrap"? #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:40:27 WIB
Jason Haag @mobilejson

Back to the Future -- In honor of Encyclopedia Britannica giving up its print edition: #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:39:29 WIB
Beyond The Desktop @bdconf

You can quickly play around with layout in a very simple wireframe. Try many things and play w/ layout in simple form. @stephenhay #BDConf

17/04/2012 02:39:28 WIB
Karen McGrane @karenmcgrane

Content reference wireframes (what we used to call schematics) are a key component of a responsive workflow, says @stephenhay at #bdconf.

17/04/2012 02:38:59 WIB
Rich @rrobinson81

I've been spending too much time today fav-ing @brad_frost's tweets. Just so much good info. #bdconf

17/04/2012 02:38:19 WIB
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