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Translation and Localization Conference 2013

Tweets from the Translation and Localization Conference 2013 in Warszawa.
Susan Starling @sustarling

@stefangentz Thanks for your tweets from #TLConference, some interesting stuff! (And I agree about shorter hashtag next time . :)) #TLconf

25/03/2013 03:19:00 WIB
Anne de Freyman @AnnedeFreyman

So #TLConference is over. It was great. Informal, friendly, humorous and very informative. Now it's time to discover Warsaw for 2 days.

24/03/2013 23:58:52 WIB
Anne Diamantidis @ADiamantidis

Closing ceremony starting... Can't believe the weekend is already over - it was really a great one! #TLConference

24/03/2013 23:44:24 WIB
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XTM International @xtmintl

Prize draw at the #TLConference will start soon. Good luck with winning an XTM Cloud licence! Or use the promo code to claim your discount.

24/03/2013 23:00:36 WIB
Translation and Localization Conference @TLConference

Where do translators socialise online? BST explores the topic. #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:52:53 WIB
Wojciech Froelich @DrAvalanche

Runic inscriptions in DV X, Grzegorz Gryc showing helpful features. #tlconference

24/03/2013 22:49:10 WIB
Stefan Gentz @stefangentz

Anyone staying until tomorrow? Dinner plans? #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:46:29 WIB
Maja Źróbecka @Mylinguadotpl

Bye #TLConference, some of us have to catch a train. Sorry to have missed @ADiamantidis presentation :( thanks to all for a great event!

24/03/2013 22:41:23 WIB
Stefan Gentz @stefangentz

“Should you take a job if you are not an expert with the topic/domain (yet)?” discussion at #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:22:28 WIB
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Stefan Gentz @stefangentz

Lively discussions here at #TLConference about “Should you take a job if you are not perfectly fit with the topic?”

24/03/2013 22:18:02 WIB
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Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

@ADiamantidis concludes her presentation on #SEO not many of us go beyond page 2... #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:13:59 WIB
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Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

Content strategies shared by @ADiamantidis - I'm a broadcaster? Still thinking. #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:07:22 WIB
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Jared Tabor @taboredinc

Interesting stuff coming through on #TLConference if you're not already following. #xl8

24/03/2013 22:05:35 WIB
Anne de Freyman @AnnedeFreyman

Audience appears shell shocked by the possibilities of social SEO. #TLConference

24/03/2013 22:03:32 WIB
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