Could #China be the next #Egypt?

The Chinese government has limited search results for news from Egypt, prompting speculation about a democratic uprising spreading from the Middle East to Asia. Here is a compilation of some the most notable Tweets in response to this notion, including links to articles, @MelissaKChan's insistence that China's economic security will prevent an uprising, and a three-way debate over China's cultural advancement.
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China Beat @chinabeat
Egypt and Tunisia: could it happen in China? (The Peking Duck)
Jeremy Goldkorn @goldkorn
Search for 埃及 (Egypt) on Weibo brings up message: "According to relevant rules, this search result cannot be displayed"
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
Journalist asked White House Press Secretary if unrest could spread to China? Dumbest. Question. Ever. Answer: No.
Sam Kim 김혜성 @samkimasia
No question is ever dumb @melissakchan: Journalist asked White House if unrest could spread to China? Dumbest. Question. Ever. Answer: No.
gedawei @gedawei
@melissakchan - The Chinese government is worried enough about events in Eqypt to censor all microblog posts that mention the word "Egypt".
gedawei @gedawei
@melissakchan Doesn't that demonstrate that the government is worried about Egypt-like revolts spreading to China?
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@gedawei You'd think; but keep in mind the government here is worried about EVERYTHING. They can act very paranoid on no basis.
Ethan Zuckerman @EthanZ
How China is censoring Egypt news, and why the story is so sensitive in China - via @globalvoices advocacy:
Jérôme Carujo @JeromeCarujo
@egalite_twitted @melissakchan Apparently, China doesn't think it's such a dumb idea as they have started blocking search for "Egypt"...
Gordon G. Chang @GordonGChang
Egypt is the next Tunisia. What is the next Egypt? You may be surprised. See this:
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@egalite_twitted @NoodlesNinja Keep in mind Chinese censors are paranoid, so it's not a reflection of what might actually happen.
Charlie  Custer 🌱 🌹 @custerwork
@melissakchan what % from China? Given the 敏感ness of all this, I am surprised CN hasn't blocked the site, but I've been watching for days...
ailanthus @AIDSPol
@melissakchan What if any discernable popular reaction is there to Egypt events in China?
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@AIDSPolicyProj Chinese reaction to events in Egypt tempered by fact it's Chinese New Year! Holidays. Few watching news.
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@AIDSPolicyProj Of course, those in China interested have gone online to discuss/follow events.
Elizabeth C. Reilly @ElizabethReilly
@melissakchan Reports in West are that China is blocking searches on #Egypt, etc. Is news there reporting on Egypt?
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@AIDSPolicyProj Of course, some subversive stuff by Chinese netizens using Egypt: RT @mranti: RT @chiyuanhou:
Melissa Chan @melissakchan
@ElizabethReilly State media is covering Egypt. China's version of Twitter had some problems with search term "Egypt" over weekend.
Sam Kim 김혜성 @samkimasia
@melissakchan @noodlesninja to a degree Chinese sensors are paranoid, but memories of Tianmen still haunt Chinese leaders. Seeds are there.
Jeremy Goldkorn @goldkorn
Weibo scandal: celebrities get 1st places on Chinese planes from Cairo, elementary school kids left behind h/t @wufei
Stan Abrams @chinahearsay
Egypt Is the Next Tunisia. What Is the Next Egypt? | Gordon Chang - yep, Gordo went there {sigh}
Gady Epstein @gadyepstein
Comparing China & Egypt, New Yorker's @eosnos hits the mark:
BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
China blocks 'Egypt' searches on micro-blogging sites: #egypt #china
Jérôme Carujo @JeromeCarujo
@melissakchan @egalite_twitted agreed, but 2 weeks ago, all the pundits were saying Tunisia's events could not happen in Egypt. And yet...
Evan Osnos @eosnos
Of Tahrir Square and Tiananmen Square: There are frequent analogies going around these days between events in Ca...
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