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Community College: Gateway to Higher Education

Interested in going to community college? Discuss the perks of attending a community college for two years as an alternative option for your higher education pathway. Find out about the cost, Associate's and Certificate programs, learning resources, and living experience in Washington state. Chris Thomas, Assistant Director of International Programs, Cascadia Community College Read More
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Presentasi #StudiAS sbntr lagi mau dimulai teman-teman. Dengarkan keuntungan community college sbg alternatif mencapai pendidikan tinggi.

23/03/2013 17:34:52 WIB
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In community college, you study for 2 years. They can also help you transfer to university & earn your bachelor degree. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 17:55:04 WIB
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There are 2 systems in community college, quarter system (180 credits) and semester system (120 credits). #StudiAS

23/03/2013 17:57:51 WIB
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Community college has smaller classes of about 27 students in a classroom. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 17:59:06 WIB
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The tuition at community college is about 1/3 of the tuition of 4 year institution. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 18:05:57 WIB
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TOEFL/IELTS is optional in community college. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 18:11:20 WIB
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Most major cities have boarding houses near their schools. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 18:21:01 WIB
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Interested studying in community college? Join #StudiAS presentation NOW at #atamerica, @pacificplace 3rd fl.

23/03/2013 18:34:59 WIB
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Live with an American host family! You can improve your English skill & learn about American culture. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 18:41:25 WIB
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Try to be more involved. You can join student government, sports clubs, & other international program activities. #StudiAS

23/03/2013 18:43:06 WIB
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#StudiAS presentation has just ended Tweeps. If you missed it, no worries, we will upload the recorded event soon :)

23/03/2013 18:56:27 WIB
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[VIDEO] If you missed #StudiAS presentation tonight, you can watch the recorded event at this link:

23/03/2013 19:03:30 WIB


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