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R.I.P. #GayRights Activist David Kato

A memorial to Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato in the wake of his murder. Includes tributes to his courage and memory, along with commentary about the culture of hate that sparked his killing. A video of his funeral: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruT1zswRVAU
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Gareth Higgins @garethhigginsbe
Please do something today to challenge homophobia, in memory of our murdered brother David Kato: http://tinyurl.com/6hffjeq
OutRight @OutRightIntl
We are shocked & saddened by the murder of Ugandan human rights defender David Kato. Uganda must stop attacks on #lgbt http://bit.ly/hBkhis
Susan Rice -Archived @AmbRice44
I join @BarackObama, SecClinton, and all Americans in mourning murder of David Kato. LGBT rights are human rights. http://bit.ly/ebrwaQ
Perry Brass @perrybrass
Don Schmierer is a lying piece of crap when he said he had "nothing to do with David Kato's death." He murdered David Kato himself.
Perry Brass @perrybrass
The death of David Kato has done what the so-called evangelicals in the US wanted: wounded an entire world and community. Congrats, guys!
Perry Brass @perrybrass
Going to a memorial service for Ugandan David Kato today in NY, organized by Other Sheep, 4 pm, 1157 Lexington Ave @ 80th Street.
Perry Brass @perrybrass
Rick Warren's and his disgusting minions' hands are filthy with the blood of David Kato. The entire US needs to know that.
Perry Brass @perrybrass
In the US now, piety is the last refuge of stupidity. We see that in the murder of David Kato at the hands of American evangelicals.
Perry Brass @perrybrass
I want to thank Hillary Clinton for her wonderful humane statement on David Kato's death. Rick Warren & his toads can now go after her.
Steve Silberman @stevesilberman
Who was Ugandan #gay activist David Kato, killed by the words of American evangelicals? http://nyti.ms/guv8iy
David Kato. Be who You are. Live and Love without Fear. RIP
Mark Vaughan @Talyseon
Retweet if you think Scott Lively's Message of Hate 4 Homos led ultimately to murder of David Kato, Ugandan Gay Rights Activist.
Catie Middleton @CatieMidds
From now on, no matter what, I will fight for their rights, just as David Kato did. Whoever has anything to say, say it, I don't care #NOH8
Daniel Aitken . ' . @danielcaitken
The Anglican Ch. should demand the Archbishop of Uganda resign after his display of intol. & ungodly behaviour at funeral of David Kato
simon mcclelland-williamson 🏳️‍🌈 @simonwillo
People are turning away from the scriptures so I think we should hang the gays: immoral heathen cunts who hate Jesus. http://bit.ly/hrEDxJ
Elison Sidney @elisonsidney
I know I am late on this, but January 26th marked a tragedy for LGBT rights notably, the movements in Uganda. Activist David Kato was shot
Elison Sidney @elisonsidney
It was a horrible shock for the LGBT and human rights movements alike. RIP David Kato, you will be greatly missed as your efforts live on.
FREAKS GOTTA EAT @freaksgottaeat
Slaying people because of there sexual perferences WRONG! RIP David Kato.
133265100 @133265100
I don't wish evangelical Don Schmierer the same fate as Uganda's David Kato. I do hope for Schmierer's divine justice to be visited on him.
AIDS Rights Alliance @_ARASA
Will David Kato's murder mobilise protesters in Africa? http://t.co/h2M9GSC


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