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Reactions after the vote of the Hudson/Jenkins rename came in.
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pelegri @pelegri
Jenkins – Hudson is now Officially Independent: The results of the Jenkins/Hudson vote are in and they are a lan...
Mike Müller @mykeemueller
Oracle verliert Community um Community: OpenOffice wird zu LibreOffice und nun Hudson zu Jenkins
Tim Bray @timbray
World's best CI software has a new home at You should probably be using it if you're not already
Philippe Beaudoin @PhilBeaudoin
Hudson CI becomes Jenkins following the stupid Oracle takeover. Long live Jenkins! (via @tbroyer)
bobbickel @bobbickel
The vote is in. Hudson to be renamed Jenkins.
Benoit Courtine @bcourtine
From Hudson to Jenkins... done! RT @kohsukekawa: 214 rename, 14 status quo.
Edwin K @edwk
Great post from Andrew Bayer on the Jenkins rename open source = community first
Jim Geurts @jgeurts
I still love and only use #TeamCity, but it's worth sharing that the Hudson project has been named to Jenkins (
Mandy Waite @tekgrrl
So Hudson is now Jenkins, vote was 94% in favour of the renaming, good summary from @pelegri
Manolo Carrasco @dodotis
Welcome Jenkins CI. The vote has finished and Oracle is defeated:
Almad @almadcz
#Hudson is now #Jenkins. Congratulations to the community, thanks to Oracle for warning (anyone still using Java?).
Jenkins @jenkinsci
To everybody that just got bounced from the IRC channel, my apologies for not properly warning you :-P
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