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Tweets from #swoslo Startup Weekend Oslo

A compilation of Tweets from Oslo Startup Weekend, held January 28-30, 2011. Startups included MinuteQ, Tagfame, and winner Rymbox. Relive their development and competition in the Tweets below. Official event site: http://oslo.startupweekend.org/
Thomas Refvik @tRefvik

Is mobile & web apps your thing? Take action and sign up at Oslo Startup Weekend 28-30 Feb.! #swoslo http://j.mp/gvX8zV

26/01/2011 01:21:52 WIB
Maja @MajaAdriaensen

2 dager til Oslo startupweekend!! Kule premier, dyktige mentorer, fasilitatorer og jury! Looking forward to it! #swoslo

26/01/2011 05:15:30 WIB
Marius Dima @mariusdima

sharping development tools for intensive fun at Oslo Startup Weekend #swoslo

28/01/2011 04:57:37 WIB

sharping development tools for intensive fun at Oslo Startup Weekend #swoslo

28/01/2011 04:57:37 WIB
Maja @MajaAdriaensen

Får vi noen helse-app pitcher på Oslo Startup Weekend til helgen? #swoslo

28/01/2011 05:37:36 WIB
Maja @MajaAdriaensen

Eller noen innen sosialt entreprenørskap? #swoslo

28/01/2011 05:37:54 WIB
Johann Prieur @jprieur

Tomorrow starts the Oslo Startup Weekend; with such setup, the possibilities are numerous! #swoslo

28/01/2011 07:41:49 WIB
Marius Dima @mariusdima

@mFoxhill thank you Marius! If you see some dark gray matter over Oslo, is because of the brainstorming sessions :) #swoslo

28/01/2011 13:54:47 WIB

will reveal today a new travellers startup idea at #swoslo

28/01/2011 20:15:23 WIB
Alexandru Stanoi @stanoi

Going to Oslo Startup Weekend 2011 tonight. #swoslo

28/01/2011 21:41:35 WIB
Horacio Bouzas @HoracioBouzas

On my way to startup weekend Oslo #swoslo with a box of freebies ti give away.

28/01/2011 22:50:57 WIB
Thomas Refvik @tRefvik

Countdown to Oslo Startup Weekend, only minutes left now! Excited ;) #swoslo http://yfrog.com/h89c7pdj

28/01/2011 22:58:28 WIB
Thomas Refvik @tRefvik

And we're off! Introduction and first pitches at #swoslo

29/01/2011 00:02:47 WIB
Lucas Weldeghebriel @lucashw

Er på Oslo startup weekend. Ser frem til 54 timer med brainstorming og prototyping! #swoslo http://plixi.com/p/73063561

29/01/2011 00:05:56 WIB
Tillit Technologies @tillitech

We are at the Oslo Startup Weekend right now! Wanna chat? Look for @asabil or @jprieur in the room :) #swoslo

29/01/2011 00:20:09 WIB

reply here with skills for building team #swoslo :) looking for social media, marketing, fashion designer, mobile app developer & graphic d

29/01/2011 00:48:38 WIB
Alexandru Stanoi @stanoi

Need an entrepreneurship student with experience in marketing, social media and Scrum (agile) development? Find me in the room. #swoslo

29/01/2011 00:49:53 WIB
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