The Guardian's #wikileaksbook out, and/but ...

Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

I'm delighted to announce that the Guardian's new WikiLeaks book is being published on Monday... #wikileaksbook

28/01/2011 17:00:02 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

it's the first full-length biography of Julian #Assange, the strange and elusive character behind the biggest leak in history #wikileaksbook

28/01/2011 17:06:22 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

the book gives the inside story on the tempestuous collaboration between #Assange, the Guardian, and NY Times... #wikileaksbook #wikileaks

28/01/2011 17:12:01 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

Full Guardian book title: #WikiLeaks, Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy. It's by David Leigh and Luke Harding (er, me) #wikileaksbook

28/01/2011 17:32:09 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

Guardian #wikileaksbook is being published in UK, US, France, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and Iceland. Forgotten ninth country.

28/01/2011 18:05:17 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

To recap, the Guardian is publishing #wikileaksbook this Monday. I have first copy hot off press. #wikileaks

28/01/2011 21:43:01 WIB
Alexi Mostrous @AlexiMostrous

#Assange dressed as a women - and other tales from new #wikileaks book -now on Amazon "look inside" - for free!

29/01/2011 00:32:44 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

@AlexiMostrous the spicy guardian book bit is at the end, however! you have to pay to get that #wikileaksbook

29/01/2011 01:28:47 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Guardian WikiLeaks book on sale from Monday, the first unvarnished story. Pre-order: #wikileaksbook

29/01/2011 03:32:03 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Rusbridger's intro to the Guardian book comes out too early!

29/01/2011 03:38:22 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

Alan Rusbridger's introduction to the Guardian's new #wikileaksbook, published in UK, US on Monday #wikileaks #assange

29/01/2011 18:55:43 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Alan Rusbridger says "WikiLeaks and similar organisations are...generally admirable"

29/01/2011 18:57:21 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

@justinmccurry thanks justin. My son is learning Japanese! Do let me know if you spot our Wiki book on sale in Japan; I'm keen to get a copy

29/01/2011 19:47:48 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Will the forthcoming Guardian book be more unvarnished than the New York Times version? Certainly more sex in it

29/01/2011 23:03:45 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Guardian's frank #wikileaks book to spill the beans at last. #Assange: - messiah? Or sex criminal? Or both?

30/01/2011 07:04:51 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

Ed Vulliamy's fascinating interview with Julian Assange. Mystified why #Assange is angry at Guardian's #wikileaksbook

30/01/2011 16:33:15 WIB
Telegraph News UK @tnuk

Bradley Manning copied secret documents thanks to lack of safeguards, book claims

31/01/2011 01:47:38 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

Jealous "Telegraph" makes absurd attack on Guardian book, falsely calls Manning a source. Gordon Rayner shameful

31/01/2011 02:03:32 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

I'm really amazed at how spiteful and stupid the Telegraph is being about the Guardian's new book Sour grapes?

31/01/2011 02:09:43 WIB
David Leigh @davidleighx

@tnuk absurd inventions about contents of #guardian book. Wait for the truth when it comes out.

31/01/2011 02:27:19 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

#Telegraph launches spiteful and inaccurate attack on Guardian #wikileaksbook, published tomorrow #wikileaks

31/01/2011 02:50:41 WIB
Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

First extract from Guardian's new #wikileaksbook. Look out for "Harry Harrison": 6ft2ins tall and "87 per cent slut"

31/01/2011 03:17:41 WIB
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