DNA - How Toxic Vectors Can & Will Destroy Your Family's Happiness

Nuke Power/Munitions - as well as an increasing number of chemical and biological Vectored threats are literally attacking Your very Life Force; Awareness of These Silent Killers is Just the 1st step to Solution
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World-Wide, the Sanctity of the Innocence of Childhood is Paramount.

Undeniably, far too many..have suffered at the hands of irresponsible multi-national conglomerates; who seek nothing more than profit...disregarding the long term TRUE COSTS.

Permanent DNA damage to Historic family lines- is now becoming more prevalent, especially since the dawn of the Nuclear age; but many other Vectors of Mutagenics are also showing up more frequently.

Personally, the Dioxin poisoning of New Zealand's people was unheard of- though this Country was a major producer of Agent Orange used in the USA Vietnam War=> http://twitpic.com/c6x0nt Similar DNA mutations are showing up-in family lines of all participants exposed to this DNA toxin. There is no monetary value-that can be assigned to this scope of damage.

We are together enclosed in a fish bowl biosphere, what happens on 1 side...defuses over time to all other points. In the case of Nuke-Power/munitions the run-away contamination(s) can and do exist for hundreds of thousands of years. As an initial introduction into the dark World of Nukes please review=> http://t.co/hjdQp0Gf

Neither 3-Mile Island, Nor Chernobyl, nor Fukushima are going away anytime soon; and the death tolls keep rising-despite these industries attempts to quash this crucial information. Depleted Uranium-with the telltale signature of Nuke-Power was diffused in both the Balkan, Kuwait and Iraqi USA wars....and who knows where-else, the data is still coming in.

The Northern Hemisphere-has been contaminated by the radiation plumes from the above "accidents", videos of spead=>http://twitpic.com/c1p18w

International Opposition is in agreement with the Japanese former ambassador to Switzerland whose integrity is noted in this audio recording=> http://enenews.com/former-japanese-ambassador-no-single-weapon-can-compete-with-potential-damage-that-can-be-caused-by-fukushima-unit-4-nuclear-reactors-are-potential-super-bombs-video

It is hoped that far more than just conversation and awareness is achieved. Ultimately- to shut down this entire industry (as well as other Toxic Vectors & exploitations) is paramount for our continued existence.

I welcome you back..to THE CLUB OF HUMANITY!


@_Nucleaire__ @KPBSnews Though apparently focused on Anti-Nuke, This Vid is quite futuristic-Synthetic biology etc: http://t.co/fis7zYT9ev


̶N̶U̶K̶E̶S w INDEX @TREEOR2X4DESIGN 12/03/2013 11:48:01 WIB
Please click on the above mutated baby's image- the source "censored by New Zealand's gov" video link in posted in it's notes; shocking & informative !
̶N̶U̶K̶E̶S w INDEX @TREEOR2X4DESIGN 12/03/2013 11:55:07 WIB
Similarly, to view the Nuke Contamination plumes videos- click on the image- the links are in the notes more clearly than via the jpeg Pls RT or whatever..to get the message out for change !
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