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BC Tech Trek 2013

Boston College TechTrek West is an award-winning course, combining classroom learning on the BC campus with a week-long field study to Silicon Valley. Unrelenting awesomeness.
John Gallaugher @gallaugher

Where is BC #TechTrek? Hint: C-level & VP execs we're meeting with are the Captains of the Cloud & Virtuosos of Virtualization

08/03/2013 01:37:36 WIB
Ann Weber @annweber04

Crazy to see the arteries and veins of the Internet at the @Equinix facilities! Thanks for hosting #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:14:20 WIB
Mark Maleri @M_Maleri

Thank you Cathryn Arnell and @LaneGPatterson for being great hosts at @Equinix! Awesome tour and Q&A. #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:13:18 WIB
John Gallaugher @gallaugher

Where is BC #TechTrek? Hint: C-level & VP execs we're meeting with are the Captains of the Cloud & Virtuosos of Virtualization.

08/03/2013 01:10:32 WIB
Christina Reiman @christinareiman

Thank you @Equinix for the fantastic tour and to Cathryn Arnell and @LaneGPatterson for the great discussion with #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:10:24 WIB
Jiada Tu @damy1208

Great tour in @Equinix Thanks for having us here. Really hope we have more time. Lots of thanks to @LaneGPatterson and Cathryn! #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:06:25 WIB
Jonathan Deering @JDeeringMN

@LaneGPatterson thank you for taking the time to talk with BC #TechTrek today. I wish we had more time, you are a vault of knowledge!

08/03/2013 01:05:18 WIB
Jonathan Deering @JDeeringMN

Theres nothing like being in the heart of the Internet! Thank you @Equinix for the tour and the knowledge you cant gain in school! #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:02:17 WIB
M @hsanttam

This tweet is probably going through one of @Equinix's data centers. Thanks to @LaneGPatterson, Cathryn Arnell, & employees today. #TechTrek

08/03/2013 01:01:00 WIB
BC Alumni @BCAlumni

@ronradu We're proud to have you as a member of the @BostonCollege community! #TechTrek

07/03/2013 23:11:09 WIB
Paul Hillen @Paul_Hillen

Interesting take that is worth reading on what Google Glass could mean for our society #TechTrek

07/03/2013 23:10:25 WIB
John Gallaugher @gallaugher

Where is #TechTrek? Hint, BC alum is exec chair of this firm that touches over 90% of net traffic.

07/03/2013 22:21:39 WIB
Kseniya Shavrova @ShavrovaKseniya

So thankful for all the awesome @BostonCollege alumni that came out and talked to #TechTrek at the BC Tech Council dinner! #WeAreBC

07/03/2013 13:24:19 WIB
Erin Cullen @ErinAnnCullen

I appreciate @ronriccicisco taking the time to share his thoughts on collaboration. We have already become better leaders. #TechTrek

07/03/2013 13:11:19 WIB
Mark Maleri @M_Maleri

Many thanks to @BillLePage @KatieBaynes and everyone else that came out to the @BCAlumni #TechTrek meet-up. So great to meet fellow Eagles!

07/03/2013 13:08:40 WIB
Erin Cullen @ErinAnnCullen

Thank you @jeffreyt for hosting #TechTrek! We looking forward for your returns to @BostonCollege to share your experience with @shopkick!

07/03/2013 13:07:46 WIB
Erin Cullen @ErinAnnCullen

Shout out to @BillLepage & the whole @ciscosystems team for having us & inspiring us to work for companies that care about PEOPLE. #TechTrek

07/03/2013 13:07:17 WIB
Katie @KatieBaynes

So impressed with @gallaugher's innovative #techtrek program at Boston College- what an inspiring class of students!

07/03/2013 11:45:34 WIB
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John Gallaugher @gallaugher

Advice from recruiting pro @SamWholley on BC TechCouncil career panel 'Take the data class... twice!' #TechTrek

07/03/2013 10:58:36 WIB
Steve Isom @steveisom

Can't believe it's been 6 years since I went on #TechTrek with @gallaugher at @BostonCollege Best experience of undergrad

07/03/2013 10:40:54 WIB
BC Alumni @BCAlumni

At the #TechTrek meetup in Palo Alto. So excited to see many BC alumni here.

07/03/2013 10:31:11 WIB
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John Gallaugher @gallaugher

Shockingly awesome #TechTrek day. Amazing @BCAlumni dedication. Setting the standard for collaborative learning. MASSIVE thanks!

07/03/2013 09:07:19 WIB
Christina Reiman @christinareiman

A huge thanks to @CiscoSystems @BillLePage @RonRicciCisco for speaking with #TechTrek! Looking forward to seeing Cisco tech at @MLStadium!

07/03/2013 07:11:55 WIB
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