URL exploreB2B - The Intelligent way of Networking Sarah Beeny: building good foundations - exploreB2B Most of us have heard of Sarah Beeny. Some people associate her with Property Ladder or other type of house DIY television programmes. She gave an interview to The Telegraph, talking about ...
Sheikh Taufique ® @CV_Medic
Sarah Beeny: From £57,000 flat to 97-room Rise Hall - Yahoo! Finance UK http://t.co/QRbdVbqWsH via @YahooFinanceUK
gus beattie @gusman
Doing a house development at the mo, bought two flats & knocking it into one house - not quite a Kevin McCloud but definitely a Sarah Beeny.
Clare Edwards @clarecrazy
I love when people are shocked that Sarah Beeny has good advice, or when they disregard it totally!! So funny!!
URL Yahoo! Finance UK Sarah Beeny: From £57,000 flat to 97-room Rise Hall The television property guru on her best business decision, a starting salary of £7,000 and a job selling vacuum cleaners.

In the past few days Sarah Beeny has been in the press doing the headlines concerning her venture on the property market.

It is interesting and exciting that someone with a rather common background has made the jump to go into refurbishing and redeveloping a 97 room mansion. Not a small task with certainly some sleepless nights too.

The capital investment strategy must have been crucial to get that building but also to go forward with the stunning interior design as well.


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