#EMchat 22: Improving Communications between HS and College Counselors

Teamed up with a few #scchat folks to get this chat going this week. A big topic in the EM world, and we've got some great input from counselors (both HS and college) on what they're doing to make this better. This hour always goes WAYYYY to fast. Enjoy! And, aside from #EMchat, check out the #scchat hashtag for school counselor info!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

We have a five-state MIDWest Conference in May! (I'm presenting on #EMchat!) http://t.co/AOehgykM

30/03/2012 08:57:55 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

Thai food, wine, and #EMchat: pretty much my perfect night.

30/03/2012 07:30:26 WIB
Jeremy Goldman @MrJGoldman

I'm all bundled in a quiet house ready for the #emchat #scchat throwdown. #VerticalTeaming

30/03/2012 07:37:16 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

Ready to roll in 10 minutes - Join the conversation on improving communications btwn HS and admissions counselors! #scchat #emchat

30/03/2012 07:49:33 WIB
Jeff Bunkin @JeffBunkin

.@AlexMWilliams_ Unique #emchat perspective for tonight...earlier today, my HS senior kid got two acceptance notices - incl. top choice.

30/03/2012 07:53:14 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

@JeffBunkin So great! For non-April 1 schools like myself, we also anticipate this day! #EMchat

30/03/2012 08:00:51 WIB
Jeremy Goldman @MrJGoldman

when #emchat is on the family calendar, and one of you goes by "Em," that takes some 'splaining. #BeenLookingForwardToThis

30/03/2012 07:52:18 WIB
Darrel Renier @RenierD

Unfortunately need to lurk during the #emchat tonight.

30/03/2012 07:41:04 WIB
Cara Rousseau @cararousseau

About to join #EMchat tonight. Discussing the connection between college admissions and HS counselors. Let's go!

30/03/2012 07:58:01 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

@cararousseau Yeah! I love that you're joining us tonight! Welcome! #EMchat

30/03/2012 07:58:46 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

9 o'clock means only one thing on a Thursday night. Ready to rock #emchat

30/03/2012 08:00:06 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

Alright, per the usual, who’s learning, lurking, and participating in tonight’s #EMchat? #emchat

30/03/2012 08:01:18 WIB
Edward Wright @Wright_E_P

Today was my first day back in the office after #ACPA12 and tonight #EMchat

30/03/2012 08:01:57 WIB
Jeremy Goldman @MrJGoldman

Checking in from Baltimore, ready to collaborate #emchat

30/03/2012 08:02:27 WIB
Darrel Renier @RenierD

Sorry folks lurking tonight....but I'll be back next week. #emchat

30/03/2012 08:02:29 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

@AlexMWilliams_ Jillian, multicultural recruitment/retention at CSB/SJU in Central Minnesota; wishing I was at #wpc13! #EMchat

30/03/2012 08:02:36 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

We’ll miss @higheredgirl tonight, but hope she’s having a blast with her friends and family (as she obviously is) #emchat

30/03/2012 07:59:34 WIB
Tim Dunning @timdunning

checking into the #EMchat discussing communications between #admissions and HS Counselors

30/03/2012 08:02:36 WIB
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock

@KarenAFull Amen. I need it. The countdown to May 1 has definitely begun in my office! #EMchat

30/03/2012 08:03:51 WIB
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_

Welcome to any and all of the #scchat pros here tonight tonight – excited to learn from one another. #emchat

30/03/2012 08:04:15 WIB
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