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What they said about Business School for Translators!

Here's what the students said about the first edition of the Business School for Translators!
Katharine Mears @P2Ptranslations

Thanks @mstelmaszak @eCPDWebinars for fantastic Business School for Translators course. Looking fwd to putting it all into action now!

26/02/2013 19:54:13 WIB
Fast Efficient Trans @FastEfficientTR

like magic: I replied to a client as suggested by @mstelmaszak in her class and I got the project, wow, she sure knows her stuff!

20/02/2013 16:34:58 WIB
Julia Graham Ⓥ @juliamarygraham

@rainylondon Yay! I can't wait. You and @mstelmaszak are my role models!!! I want to be like you two! :-)

19/02/2013 21:05:37 WIB
Fast Efficient Trans @FastEfficientTR

After another inspiring #eCPD webinar hosted by @mstelmaszak, I spent all day revamping my CV. Thank you, Marta

13/02/2013 14:13:23 WIB
Ellis Medical & Scientific Translations @ellismedical

@mstelmaszak Thanks Marta! I'm looking forward to Lesson 3 at Business School for Translators on Monday.

08/02/2013 01:36:26 WIB
Julia Graham Ⓥ @juliamarygraham

Putting into practice @mstelmaszak 's techniques from the #BusinessSchoolforTranslators …and it feels good! :-)

07/02/2013 00:07:03 WIB
Fast Efficient Trans @FastEfficientTR

After another informative #eCPD Webinar hosted by @mstelmaszak,banked massive review project.Nice start to the new month

05/02/2013 14:46:46 WIB
Aída Ramos @AidaRamosTrad

@mstelmaszak ...but it was a complete overview on how to run a translation business! :)

04/02/2013 23:00:25 WIB
Louise Souter Translations 🇪🇺 @LSTrans

Just completed the second session of Business School for Translators with @mstelmaszak. Extremely useful.

04/02/2013 22:48:59 WIB
Thiago Araujo 🇧🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷 🎮Game Translator @thiituba

Really excited about the first lesson given by @mstelmaszak. Can't wait to put everything into practice! #xl8 #businessskills

28/01/2013 23:47:43 WIB
Aída Ramos @AidaRamosTrad

First session with @mstelmaszak (and @eCPDWebinars). Very interesting, well done!

28/01/2013 22:55:23 WIB
Noémie Dumont @Noemie_Dumont

Thanks @mstelmaszak for this first lesson! It was very interesting. Can't wait for next week!

28/01/2013 22:47:32 WIB
Fast Efficient Trans @FastEfficientTR

@mstelmaszak nervous already,with prep,homework,assignment ;) such fun back to school

14/01/2013 21:22:29 WIB


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