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‘Scandalous’ Tweet from Tony Goldwyn Sends Desperate Fan to #TheFaintingCouch (Updated w/ video)

Move over Olivia Pope. The man who plays your man on America’s hottest nighttime TV drama may have a ‘Tweetie’ pie on the side. That’s right, Tony Goldwyn, the actor who stars as the uber sexy, love-struck President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s “Scandal,” sent out a salacious Tweet this week to an anxious female fan he just met on Twitter! Read More
newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman

Updated. ‘Scandalous’ Tweet from Tony Goldwyn Sends Desperate Fan to #TheFaintingCouch (Updated w/ video)

01/03/2013 06:48:12 WIB
newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman


01/03/2013 04:44:10 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

Dear Citizens of the #GaldiatorNation , I am trying to work. #TonyTuesday is ruining my life. xoxo Send more pics.

27/02/2013 01:57:06 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

@Goddee64 @Scandalicious40 @ket89 I'm trying to work, ladies! Tony Tuesday pictures are ruining that. #faints #swoons

27/02/2013 01:11:18 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

@tonygoldwyn #Hi On behalf of the #Scandal fandom, we already miss you. 3 weeks, no new #Fitz. Bummer.

27/02/2013 02:25:49 WIB
Tony Goldwyn @tonygoldwyn

.@tangelaekhoff Miss you too! But we're live tweeting on Thurs so watch 212 AGAIN! #worthasecondlook @ScandalABC

27/02/2013 07:33:58 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

@Scandal411 Sweet Baby Oprah in A MANGER it really happened. #faints AGAIN

27/02/2013 08:30:26 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

Dear Gladiator Family, Tangela is passed out on the #faintingcouch. #Scandal #TonyGoldwynTuesday is a National Holiday.

27/02/2013 08:06:52 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

Dear @Scandal411 @GladiatorHarlem Did that really happen or am I in a brown-water-induced haze? I need photographic proof

27/02/2013 08:23:07 WIB
Tangela Ekhoff @tangelaekhoff

I would like to thank the Owasso Paramedics and Mr. Ekhoff for reviving me after that tweet. #faints again.

27/02/2013 08:51:17 WIB
Rowdy Rooksy ✍🏽🎬 @RowdyRooksy

@tangelaekhoff Whoo Tangela gurl! Saw that tweet reply from TG so I thought I'd fetch u an xtra fainting couch ;)

27/02/2013 12:23:26 WIB
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Schuyler Esprit @schuyleresprit

Did someone have to carry @tangelaekhoff to the fainting couch?! Cuz I don't think she made it. hehe. Too cool

27/02/2013 07:53:37 WIB
Victoria @ImGoddee

@tangelaekhoff Do you need the fainting couch back I "borrowed" from you after Mr Sexy, Tony Goldwyn tweeted that he missed you, too????

27/02/2013 08:57:49 WIB
dani cannon. @msdanicannon

TG tweeted my girl @tangelaekhoff back?! Praise fatha...scoot over y'all *does a summersaults and back flip onto fainting couch*

27/02/2013 08:22:57 WIB
Felicia @sweetness04fj

@tangelaekhoff just fell on the fainting couch u got a tweet from TG. Swoon

27/02/2013 08:06:52 WIB
Sleepalot @sleepygonzales

@tangelaekhoff Hahaha knew you would need your fainting couch after I saw that tweet!! Nice work! :)

27/02/2013 08:46:34 WIB
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