ABL Live-Tweets the #ACA Oral Arguments, Day 1

What started out as a "maybe I'll live-tweet as I listen to the oral arguments hahaha" idea turned into a four hour project. I think I'll mark up the transcript with the must-read parts and upload that onto Scribd. There are some parts that you should read, but no one really wants to read a 100 page transcript. Except lawnerdz me, that is. UPDATE: Here's the scribd link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/86983424/Mar-27-ACA-Hearing-Transcript-ABL-mark-up
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Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:27:25 WIB
Maybe I should live blog me listening to this oral argument. hahaha
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:27:13 WIB
Roberts asks whether or not the govt could force you to by a cell phone for easier access to emergency services. Uh... WHAT?! #analogyfail
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:36:30 WIB
Roberts still returning to his hypothetical. When you need emergency services, the government makes sure you get it. (1)
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:37:08 WIB
When you need healthcare, the government makes sure you get it. (2)
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:37:34 WIB
Uh... except having a cell phone is not critical to the provision of emergency services. WHy would govt mandate that? (3)
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:38:33 WIB
Also, nobody every went bankrupt after the police came to help them out of a jam the way ppl do when they end up in ER w/ no insrnce. (4)
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:39:20 WIB
(I'm live-tweeting this. Justices always ask crazy hypotheticals. This doesn't really mean anything one way or other. I'm only 5 mins in.)
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:43:13 WIB
Verrilli responds that there's no market for emergency services. So here comes Alito with a weird analogy about burial services and ins.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:44:06 WIB
ALito asks if there's a market for burial services, why shouldn't we force ppl to buy burial ins. instead of shifting cost to other ppl.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:45:18 WIB
Verrilli's response to Alito is muddled so far. Alito saying everyone needs healthcare, everyone will be buried. Uh...
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:45:53 WIB
All People only need to buried ONCE. Can't be determined in advance how much healthcare a person will need.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:47:40 WIB
Verrilli points out that with HC, the costs of uninsured are transferred directly to other market participants. Not so with burial services.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:51:13 WIB
Alito says the mandate not about requiring ppl to pay for care they will consume, but it forces young hlthy ppl to subsidize others care.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:51:52 WIB
R.B. Ginsberg (IN DA HOUSE) interrupts and says " but that's what insurance is." She shoots! She scores!
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:55:49 WIB
Guess what? If I went back to being a lawyer, I wouldn’t be able to live-tweet these oral arguments. *ahem* http://t.co/HeedfsiB #p2 #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:56:30 WIB
And by “live-tweet” I mean “as I listen to them.” Duhvs.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:57:59 WIB
Kenendy asks if there is a heavy burden of justification for forcing people into a market. Verrilli's answer is brillz....
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:59:06 WIB
We're just regulating participation in HC market. Instead of requiring insurance at point of sale, just requiring it in ADVANCE. Schawing!
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 01:59:36 WIB
[Seriously. Everyone needs healthcare at some point. Just pay for it NOW when it's cheaper instead of LATER when it's fucking expensive.]
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:01:41 WIB
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:02:39 WIB
Scalia asked why hc market defined so broadly as "healthcare". Not everyone needs a heart or liver transplant. DUH?! RISK POOLING!!!11
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:05:29 WIB
Verrilli says food market isn't the same. Obvs. You don't wander into Safeway and are given broccoli even if you can't pay for it. #eyeroll
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:07:42 WIB
I love Ruthie B. She just interrpted Verrilli and was all "I thought your main point was..." and then made the argument he shld be making.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:08:28 WIB
RBG's point is, even if you have every intention of self-insuring, if disaster strikes, you don't have the money, then errrybody else pays.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 28/03/2012 02:11:03 WIB
Justice Breyer wants to talk about burial services again. Also starts making Verrilli's argument for him. Verrilli's kinda fucking it up.
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