Collecting reactions that I've seen about Hudson / Jenkins situation in twitter
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Mike Loukides @mikeloukides
Hudson renamed Jenkins b/c of Oracle tm claims. (Did anyone think Hudson sounded like an English butler? Not me)
Janne Jalkanen @ecyrd
Oracle on the loose again... RT @dims: RT @jimjag: Hudson is dead, long live Jenkins!
Vasco Leal Figueira @vlfig
The new (post-SUN) #Oracle keeps shooting itself in the foot. The #Hudson - #Jenkins drama is another sad reminder.
Iván Pazmiño @iapazmino
oracle's proposal #hudson will be submitted about today, hopefully the outcome of this will be renaming #jenkins+1
Victor Fernandez de Alba @sneridagh
RT @natea: Why can't Oracle just stop meddling with open source projects? It's borderline bullying and disruptive. @hudsonci
Brec Carson @brec
apparently Hudson is being renamed Jenkins. wonder what else is changing?
Cliffano Subagio @cliffano
Almost Monday morning in the US, here's hoping Oracle will donate Hudson trademark for the greater good of the community.
Paul R Brown @paulrbrown
More proof that if you don't own the people, you don't own the project:
Richard Osbaldeston @osbald
So Hudson is now Jenkins, as the negotiations with Oracle failed are they intending to keep Hudson going themselves? (ie. a fork??)
Tony Baer @TonyBaer
If Oracle owns the trademark for Hudson, does that mean that NYC will now be on the Jenkins River?
jim parkinson @jimparkinson
@webmink @pelegri after reading both postings, I am excited about using Jenkins going forward.
jim parkinson @jimparkinson
@pelegri @webmink I think Ted's post was pretty clear . I agree Eclipse would have been a good choice. I know I will be support Jenkins!
pelegri @pelegri
@jimparkinson @webmink A donation of @hudsonci to Eclipse/ASF would have satisfied all Oracle's stated goals, except relinquishing name...
0x4C4A0A46 @0x4C4A0A46
'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [sic] do nothing.' ~Burke; Rock the Vote:
pelegri @pelegri
(No) Changes Since Sun Acquisition: Ted has submitted Oracle’s proposal on how to move Hudson forward.  I was s...
Matthew J McCullough @matthewmccull
"Jenkins" soon, it seems. RT @kohsukekawa: Blog post: On Oracle proposal about Hudson
Charles Lowell @cowboyd
It's official, the Hudson->Jenkins rename will proceed RT @kohsukekawa: Blog post: On Oracle proposal about Hudson
Mic Neale @michaelneale
Oracle keep the Hudson name, contribute < 1% of code to Hudson. Hence Jenkins is the new hudson:
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