Tweets from #WhatsNextDC

A compilation of Tweets from What's Next DC, held on January 24. Tweet highlights include joking comparisons of modern internet users to the Borg, the revelation that most videos win or lose viewers with 42 seconds, and a discussion of semantics, including "Fan" vs. "Like" and the implications of "remarkable." Official event site:
NEXT whats conference event Washington DC
Adam Rosenberg @heyrosenberg
"Create as much content as you can. Each piece is a new magnet for customers/followers." -@bhalligan #whatsnextdc
Carie Lewis Carlson @cariegrls
99% of websites do not have a clear call-to-action #whatsnextdc
Sisarina @Sisarina
Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. @darellhammond #whatsnextdc
Miriam Magnuson @MiriamMagnuson
Darell Hammond: "practice makes perfect is not true. Perfect practice makes perfect." just ask tiger mom. #whatsnextdc
Kelaine Conochan @Kelaine
Get back to unstructured playing so people know HOW to innovate. It's a process -self-motivated thinking with intrinsic rewards #whatsnextdc
Amy Throndsen @amyserves
Me, too, but am at #NMC2011 learning about milk quality RT @mollymali: Enjoying the tweets from local friends today at #whatsnextDC
Rachel Schostak @rachelschos
From #whatsnextdc - "When better is expected good is not enough" @KaBoom
Amanda Nguyen @amandare
When better is expected, good is not enough - Darrell Hammond @kaboom / never be complacent. evolve #whatsnextdc
Corrie Davidson @CorrieDavidson
@kaboom "Child directed uninitiated activity" - sounds like Montessori education. #whatsnextdc
Jill Foster @Jillfoster
In discussion: recovering intrinsic motivation & creative development (plus process of play) @darrellhammond #whatsnextdc
Darryl Walter @darrylwalter
Be consistent in your best, do it over and over. Don't be a one hit wonder. #whatsnextdc
Tinu @Tinu
Kandi vs Kim. Are you a consistent hit maker or a one hit wonder? #whatsnextdc
Sisarina @Sisarina
Those who do great things over and over will be remembered. Be consistent consecutively. @darellhammond #whatsnextdc
Colby Cox @colbcox
Success is great, but if you can't duplicate it or consistently achieve it, is it really success or just a good effort #whatsnextdc
Kerry Jo Richards @kerryjor
So embarrassed my phone rang! Seriously I turned my vibrate on.#sorrysorrysorry #whatsnextdc
Tinu @Tinu
I really take the park in our neighborhood for granted. I was surprised when I couldn't find it on Google maps. #whatsnextdc
Amanda Nguyen @amandare
Connect online, then jump offline and make an impact. Back to the basics and do what you can best #whatsnextdc
Nakeva Photography @NakevaPhotog
CEO Brian Halligan of Hubspot, speaking on marketing in this new age of social media and the Internet. #WhatsNextDC
Activ8Social @Activ8Social
Always productive to brainstorm w/ other bright social media minds RT @JasonPeck Chilling w @activ8social guys at #whatsnextdc
Tinu @Tinu
Question posed in the group - how will you incorporate play in what you do? #whatsnextdc
Tinu @Tinu
Question posed to the group - how will you incorporate play in what you do? #whatsnextdc
jess @jamgal2010
Suddenly im craving Ben & Jerrys. I WONDER WHY? #whatsnextdc
Jill Foster @Jillfoster
Wrong handle for Darrell Hammond (apologies) re: recovering intrinsic motivation & creative development fyi @sisarina @tinu #whatsnextdc
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