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Bob Cesca and A Very Serious Man on Al-Awlaki.

Bob Cesca tweets a link to his thoughts on Glenn Greenwald's tête-à-tête with Andrew Sullivan on Real Time [], and Glenn opts to respond, as Glenn only can.
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

@bobcesca_go You've embraced the core Bush/Yoo Terror theory: no rights for **accused combatants, and the President alone decides. Congrats

27/03/2012 03:53:20 WIB
Stevie The UE4 Crasher @phpress

@ggreenwald @bobcesca_go Bob hates our freedom. He'd prefer a totalitarian state with a powerful dictator, the tiny penis syndrome.

27/03/2012 03:56:23 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

@phpress @bobcesca_go Only when there's a Democrat in office - he'll discover the Constitution again when there's a Big Bad Republican

27/03/2012 03:59:43 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald @phpress So I've abandoned the Constitution for party politics? This kind of kneejerk reaction is poisoning the debate, Glenn.

27/03/2012 04:03:36 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

@bobcesca_go @phpress I just explained the *substance in the last tweet - you`ve embraced the Bush/Yoo theory - now that there's a Dem

27/03/2012 04:11:37 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald No. Bush/Yoo justified torture, rendition, wiretaps, suspension of habeas etc - all of which I oppose, irrespective of party.

27/03/2012 04:20:31 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

@bobcesca_go Hilarious: it's OK to KILL ****accused combatants w/o judicial review, but not to eavesdrop on them or detain them w/o it

27/03/2012 04:22:49 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

@bobcesca_go Wheter you admit it or not, you`re arguing Bush/Yoo: accused combatants have no rights, and the President alone decides

27/03/2012 04:23:24 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald There's a clear distinction! Al-Awlaki is ONE instance. Torture, wiretaps, etc are happening secretly on a widespread basis.

27/03/2012 04:25:34 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald No, there are shades of gray here and you know it. (1/2)

27/03/2012 04:30:36 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald Eg: you defended Ron Paul on terrorism even though he voted for the '01 AUMF and introduced HR3076.

27/03/2012 04:32:41 WIB
Pofli @Pofli

@bobcesca_go @ggreenwald The shades of gray there are Bob's partisan loyalty to Obama.

27/03/2012 04:49:45 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@ggreenwald War, like politics, is murky. We can justify Hiroshima but condemn Dresden. Praise FDR's liberalism but condemn Japanese camps.

27/03/2012 04:49:58 WIB
Bob Cesca @bobcesca_go

.@Pofli @ggreenwald You clearly don't read my stuff. I've criticized POTUS on a number of occasions - recently the debt ceiling deal.

27/03/2012 04:51:07 WIB


Gender Heretic @OsborneInk 28/03/2012 04:29:54 WIB
In 1993, the attempted arrest of Mohammad Farah Aidid resulted in 19 dead Americans and as many as 1,500 dead Somalis. I am still waiting for Greenbeck to tell me how that is preferable to a drone strike.