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City Council March 20, 2012

PA Examiner @PAexaminer

City council march 20 i will try to be brief to not be cut off this time

21/03/2012 08:04:56 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

I was cut off in my speach with a few sentances to go about biomass, but the mayor allowed someone thanking council for

21/03/2012 08:16:54 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Most comments are about moritorium on biomass

21/03/2012 08:17:36 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Max asks for moritorium on biomass on agenda crowd erupts into applause.

21/03/2012 08:19:39 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Presentation regarding thevtelecommunications utility

21/03/2012 08:23:32 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

This is to seperate the telecommunications utility and it is adopted. They are going back to proclimations as the person in question has ...

21/03/2012 08:43:29 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Its interesting that we have time for presenters and council to insert unrelated personal comments and to stop and wait for items that s ...

21/03/2012 08:45:12 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

That should Have been prepared in advance, but that they can not allow an extra 30 seconds for a speaker

21/03/2012 08:46:12 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Of the public on a day where the agenda is very sparse

21/03/2012 08:46:28 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Reading from ordinance changes to fire code has its first reading. United way annual report and 2012 funding

21/03/2012 09:05:07 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

United way provides assistance to very needed services for our commu.ity that are not met elsewhere.

21/03/2012 09:24:28 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Back to the fema lawsuit and the 2500$ that the port is offerin to assist in the lawsuit

21/03/2012 09:36:57 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Max points out its not 2500 its half of cost up to 2500 and sissi asks, so we would have to pay 5000 to get that amount

21/03/2012 09:38:15 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

And can city attorney time be added to get to te 5000 withoubfurther expenditure

21/03/2012 09:38:56 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Te attorney and acting manager west says no it coukd not be included

21/03/2012 09:39:28 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

we are still wating to see why west is acting manager

21/03/2012 09:39:52 WIB
PA Examiner @PAexaminer

Sissi and brad clairify that though they approve thw assitance from the port to lower the cost they do not feel we should be in the lawsuit

21/03/2012 09:44:28 WIB


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