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#BlackTwitter Celebrates BHM by Offering #WhiteHistoryClasses

Hilarity. I think @brokeymcpoverty created this hashtag, although it seems to also have an odd origin / relationship with the Brit Awards, so in between all of this Black brilliance are the Brits confused about what's going on. Lawd.

#whitehistoryclasses Tucson Brad is really the prick. He published the video upon porntube. Such a great ass.

21/02/2013 03:13:40 WIB

Freedom Writers #whitehistoryclasses Haha. How f'n humorous..!

21/02/2013 03:13:43 WIB

Matt received Quit out of school for submitting StacyIs pics #whitehistoryclasses

21/02/2013 03:13:45 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Freedom Writers Usually desired this...

21/02/2013 03:13:49 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Any person learn how to resolve this particular?

21/02/2013 03:13:49 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Creates this change truly can be found?

21/02/2013 03:13:50 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Freedom Writers Matt got Quit out of school for submitting LisaIs pics

21/02/2013 03:13:51 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Brit Awards I dispise the girl so much for this.

21/02/2013 03:13:53 WIB

Where can I acquire some of the Google Glass #whitehistoryclasses

21/02/2013 03:13:53 WIB
Rainer Delgado @Tezcatlipoca68

How Louis and Clark followed game trails to the Pacific #whitehistoryclasses

21/02/2013 03:13:55 WIB
Neal Carter he/him @nealcarter

We Didn't land on the Ivory & Gold Coast, we just claimed it #whitehistoryclasses

21/02/2013 03:13:56 WIB

#whitehistoryclasses Freedom Writers Haha. How f'n hilarious..!

21/02/2013 03:13:56 WIB
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