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Angela Davis at Columbia University for #RTB2012

tweets from Angela Davis' speech on 3/23/12 at Columbia University as part of the Removing the Bars Conference
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Criminal Justice Caucus presents Removing The Bars conference kickoff keynote with @MichaelaAngelaD!

24/03/2012 06:17:38 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

I'm going to just declare this myself, the official hashtag for Removing the Bars Conference is #RTB2012

24/03/2012 06:31:41 WIB
Bené @beneviera

Angela Davis welcomed with a standing ovation. #Columbia #removingthebars

24/03/2012 06:33:03 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Conference organizers are all wearing hoodies in honor of #TrayvonMartin #RTB2012

24/03/2012 06:33:33 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Members of IMPACT repartory theater are going to preform (a youth theater/arts/leadership program run by Jamal Joseph) #RTB2012

24/03/2012 06:36:24 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Also, if you didn't know, IMPACT was nominated for an oscar for their work in August Rush #RTB2012

24/03/2012 06:38:47 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

I know she wrote that essay on alwys being defined in relation to her hair but can we talk abt how fly @MichaelaAngelaD's hair is? #RTB2012

24/03/2012 06:42:04 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Soffiyah Elijah is in the building! Introducing Angela Davis

24/03/2012 06:52:11 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Quoting Morrison, Davis reminds us "if one is free and one does not engage in the struggle of someone else, then one is not truly free"

24/03/2012 06:57:30 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Phrase prison industrial complex comes in response to the Challenge to change discourse from crime and punisent to understanding all factors

24/03/2012 07:00:30 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

Angela Davis watched an episode of The Firm #lawlzwhy

24/03/2012 07:01:05 WIB
Bené @beneviera

"Hyper-surveillance leads to criminalization." - Angela Davis #Columbia #removethebars

24/03/2012 07:04:21 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

ADavis - Criminalization &hyper surveillance of young black men, especially w hoodies, leads to assumption that they are already criminal

24/03/2012 07:04:27 WIB
Bené @beneviera

This is the burden of black boys and those who love them. - Angela Davis quoting a NYT Op-ed

24/03/2012 07:07:14 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

"This is the burden of black boys and the people that love them" Angela Davis cites #TrayvonMartin case extensively

24/03/2012 07:07:44 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

"As tragic as murder of #TrayvonMartin is, we have to resist urge to's not new or exceptional" -Angela Davis #RTB2012

24/03/2012 07:09:28 WIB
Bené @beneviera

It is important that we recognize that as tragic as the murder of Trayvon Matin is we have to resist the urge to exceptionalize. - Davis

24/03/2012 07:09:39 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

" in the US, race has always played a central role in constructing criminality"

24/03/2012 07:11:09 WIB
kate wadkins @kwadkins

"We have to give expression collectively to resistance. We have to say 'no.'" #AngelaDavis #RTB2012

24/03/2012 07:12:05 WIB
Bené @beneviera

Davis is now talking about Black Codes implemented after slavery that criminalized Blacks.

24/03/2012 07:12:51 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

This is not new, Fredrick Douglas wrote abt the way crime was imputed to color, talked about relationship of criminalization & racialization

24/03/2012 07:15:06 WIB
Bené @beneviera

The demonization of black youth makes them vulnerable to violence...- Angela Davis #Columbia #removethebars

24/03/2012 07:16:32 WIB
Heben Nigatu @heavenrants

"though ive talked about criminalization of men of color, let us not assume that women are exempt from this process" -Angela Davus #RTB2012

24/03/2012 07:17:41 WIB
Bené @beneviera

I often talk about the criminalization of black boys and black men. Let us not assume that women are exempt. - Angela Davis

24/03/2012 07:17:48 WIB
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