In which @Extrange is heartbroken, and the various denizens this side of the internet have an opinion on it. Or, "What is love?" (Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.) Get better soon, @Extrange. :(
A Nopon in Dandy @The_Extrange

Newsflash,@kurosaki_girl15 just left me for cocksucking @charlie2alpha . Feel free to bash the motherfucking bastard.

17/03/2012 13:25:12 WIB
A Nopon in Dandy @The_Extrange

@kurosaki_girl15 Stop running again. Stop destroying my life. Get back.

17/03/2012 13:25:44 WIB
A Nopon in Dandy @The_Extrange

Shameless motherfucker @charlie2alpha . With a girl old enough to be your daughter.

17/03/2012 13:26:35 WIB
A Nopon in Dandy @The_Extrange

Feeling happy now? Ruining my life? Killing me~? Enjoy he blood in your hands.

17/03/2012 13:27:38 WIB
A Nopon in Dandy @The_Extrange

If you are hoping me to drop and quit. No,

17/03/2012 13:29:13 WIB
Y R U M A L D @NanoPulp

@Extrange @kurosaki_girl15 @charlie2alpha I really don't understand what's going on but I think you need to calm down first. Angry hurt bad.

17/03/2012 13:47:42 WIB
bluemist @bluemistP

@kurogane_s Love dorama maybe (that was my turf lol)

22/03/2012 19:31:53 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@bluemistanime looking at the twitter backlog, it's full of lulz

22/03/2012 19:32:25 WIB
Myssa Elaine Reyes @MyssaRei

@kurogane_s Wow. Dorama. I have to keep my face straight. Serious stuff

22/03/2012 19:34:08 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@MyssaRei guy's been at it for days it seems. even threatening to blackmail and extortion rofl.

22/03/2012 19:36:03 WIB
Myssa Elaine Reyes @MyssaRei

@kurogane_s At my age, I'm no longer surprised at these kinds of stuff. Still, what a timeline to wake up to. ^^;

22/03/2012 19:37:05 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@MyssaRei thank god I'm not following this guy. But he's had it coming. Knew him once in #ABIRC and he was a giant jerk to everyone.

22/03/2012 19:37:39 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@MyssaRei to put in comparision, I've got a racist Belgian 12-year old in the channel and he isn't as hated as this guy was.

22/03/2012 19:38:14 WIB
Myssa Elaine Reyes @MyssaRei

@kurogane_s I can imagine actually. This is a little... OA, in local parlance though.

22/03/2012 19:39:37 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@bluemistanime he talks a lot of cock that's for sure. Back in the days of IRC, he kept bragging about how he had a gf @drmchsr0 @MyssaRei

22/03/2012 19:41:46 WIB
Kurogane Shiroikaze @kurogane_s

@bluemistanime which was highly annoying since he thought he was better than everyone else in the chan @drmchsr0 @MyssaRei

22/03/2012 19:42:13 WIB
bluemist @bluemistP

@kurogane_s @drmchsr0 I have compassion, a bit. I was also in a sleepless state during my tsundere meganekko fallout.

22/03/2012 19:43:51 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

"I’m in love with someone else, obviously you can’t understand that." dear god what am I reading http://t.co/kRYX27ZC

22/03/2012 20:42:34 WIB
オーウェン @riajuunibyou

how can you understand being in love with someone you OBVIOUSLY cannot understand this!!112

22/03/2012 20:43:15 WIB
trash cat @frau_kadse

@owen_s wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

22/03/2012 20:45:57 WIB
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