Thoughts on Hu Jintao's Visit to the #U.S. from #China and #Obama's Response

A compilation of thoughtful (and sometimes irreverent) Tweets, links, and videos in response to Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. Twitter users discuss Hu and Obama's conduct, speculate on their private discussions, and debate the larger relationship of the U.S. and China in 2011. Here is a video of the two leaders meeting:
Is Hu Jintao Really The Most Powerful Person In The World? via @forbes
Charlie Rose Show @CharlieRoseShow
Henry Kissinger on Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the United States:
Education Week @educationweek
Blog: Hu Jintao to Visit Chicago School With Chinese Language Program
Rodney Herod @FlyWiditCustoms
The U.S. is one the last countries who should be criticizing China for their lack of human rights.
InfowarsNews @PrisonPlanetTV
Currency Wars ‘Side Show’ at China Summit: Market Pro: CNBC | As Chinese President Hu meets with U.S. lawmakers ...
Ex Umbra @ex_umbra
Limbaugh Uses Hu's Visit to Mock Chinese Culture: Rush Limbaugh used Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit t...
Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome
Instead of an opulent state dinner, Obama should've taken Hu Jintao to Denny's and pretended he was under 12 to eat free.
Alex Wang @greenlawchina
NRDC Posts on Hu's Visit: Strong words, stronger actions on U.S.-China clean energy coop during President Hu's visit
Alliance Alert @AllianceAlert
*: 35,000 forced abortions per day in China as Chinese president visits U.S.
eightzero @eightzero
Abbott & Costello giddy over President Hu's visit; anyone see our interior secretary? Go ahead and say I don't know.
Ethel Mertz @theivornovello Hu Jintao's grand visit to Washington of 5 star wining & dining means we keep China's pandas for 5 more years....*facepalm*
Sarah Schacht @SarahSchacht
Hearing about Hu's Whitehouse visit. Trade, etc. Why isn't the US negotiating on pollution? 1/3 of air pollution in Seattle is from China.
Seth Weitberg @SethWeitberg
Chinese president Hu Jintao will visit Congress today where he's expected to not give a shit what anyone thinks about him.
⚡️ Right Scoop ⚡️ @trscoop
They way Hu is getting treated here speaks volumes about the way Obama treated Netanyahu on his first visit.
Ernesto Méndez Chiari @ernestofmendez
Following closely Hu Jintao's visit to the USA. He just looks so happy after eating all that apple pie! 胡锦涛非常高兴!#China
Speaking during US visit President Hu says US-China relationship should be one of mutual cooperation not 'geopolitical oneupmanship'
Beth Evans 丁贝思 @bethevans
Is there a hashtag for Hu Jintao's U.S. visit?
Oskar von Reuental @vonReuental
I suppose not. Let me know if you find one. :) RT @bethevans: Is there a hashtag for Hu Jintao's U.S. visit?
J Rogers @Hytecher
Hu headed to Chicago. Of course! The bastion of corruption is the appropriate place to visit.
T.J. Mayes @tj_mayes_
Looks like the China visit went well. Hu and Obama were both able to save face publicly and got a lot accomplished privately
Tammy Gordon @tammy
If the only thing that comes out of Hu's visit is that we get to keep the pandas, that's a win in my book.
Camaran @Camaran
After watching several clips of Chinese Pres Hu's visit to DC, he is much more comfortable and at ease w Sec of State Clinton than Obama.
Speaking during US visit President Hu says US-China relationship should be one of mutual cooperation not 'geopolitical oneupmanship'
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