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@BaracksFlagpin Gives His State of the Union Speech #SOTU

@BaracksFlagpin is the red, white and blue flag, pinned above the heart of the Black man in the White House. He tells you what the President is REALLY saying. @BaracksFlagpin began his career as the Twitter hashtag, #BaracksFlagpin before he found a home on his own account.
Dr. Goddess, an organizer in Allegheny County, PA! @drgoddess

AB-SO-LUTE-LY! “@sacralege: Is @BaracksFlagpin getting ready for the state of the union tonight? drgoddess”

13/02/2013 08:55:31 WIB
RiPPa @RippDemUp

Please be sure to follow @BaracksFlagpin for translation of #SOTU2013. #p2

13/02/2013 09:10:16 WIB @ThenMediaCo

@BaracksFlagpin welcome 2 #SOTU13 via Join @NatUrbanLeague @Politic365 for our State of the Union Twitter Watch Party TONIGHT, 9PM #SOTU13

13/02/2013 09:11:17 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Whaddup Errybody! Let's get it in at this here State of the Union. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:26:36 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

I'ma go ahead and start with the constitution cuz I know damn well y'all don't read it or know it. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:26:48 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Yeah, it's true Congress had one day where errybody was 'posed to read the Constitution but they messed up. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:27:21 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Peeps that was 'posed to read ain't show up, then they skipped sections of it on accident. C'mon, Man... #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:27:59 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

So lemme put it to you like this: We awight. We ain't great. We ain't as bad as we was. We just awight. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:29:07 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Now, I done said this a million and one times but we gotta be a bit more like the Ravens and win this year. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:29:52 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Y'all peepin' Boehner behind me, right? Yeah... but you see he's behind me, on my left and that's all that matters, yo. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:31:02 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

And I got my right hand man on my right, ya boy and ya uncle, Joe Biden. My Man... *pounds* #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:31:43 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

So, yeah, we been in war deep for a decade... but we 'bout to bounce. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:32:35 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

Errybody gotta put in their fair share. Y'all can't keep holdin' back. #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:33:21 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

As for Medicare, we can't just be puttin' our elders outchea. We gotta have their back. We gon' all get old... #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:33:52 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

And we gotta innovate. This ain't the ice age, bruh! Getcho tech UP, Gee! #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:34:22 WIB
Baracks Flagpin @BaracksFlagpin

We already savin' money with the Affordable Health Care Act (yeah, I know y'all named it after me...) #SOTU

13/02/2013 09:34:40 WIB
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