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Tweets from the Midwest Educational Technology Conference, Missouri Feb 11th - 13th 2013
edtechninja @edtechninja

#edugood ??/365 Cooking Valentine breakfast for 45ish of my favorite kiddos. A little different day than #METC13

15/02/2013 02:41:53 WIB
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Ken Shelton @k_shelton

@ktvee Awesome. Let me know if you ever need any help or want to brainstorm. Imagery can really transform a learning environment. #metc13

15/02/2013 02:35:14 WIB
Ken Shelton @k_shelton

@ktvee Sounds awesome. At some point perhaps have them combine their 6 word mission with a self portrait #metc13

15/02/2013 02:09:29 WIB
Ken Shelton @k_shelton

@theobviouschild Thanks for sharing the NCTE definition of literacy. Looks like they outline much of what we covered in the session #metc13

15/02/2013 01:58:26 WIB
Manuel S. Herrera @manuelherrera33

@left2design Be the spark on your campus! Get them excited. It takes time. And with Twitter, you're always with like minds! #metc13

15/02/2013 01:12:49 WIB
Priscilla Taylor @pritaylor

For those that attended #petec13 & #metc13 - What are you bringing back to share with your students, administrators, & colleagues?

15/02/2013 01:04:27 WIB
Diana Dell, Ph.D @dianadell

The motherload of FREE #metc13 PD - 12 hrs of video and Handouts: Get your learn on!

15/02/2013 01:01:19 WIB
Matt Weld @MatthewWeld

Looking 4 Lewis & Clark project ideas (5th gr). Ideas? #METC13 #edcampstl #sschat @ktvee @jhox1

15/02/2013 00:29:22 WIB
Christine Ruder @jhox1

Best. Valentine. Ever. My students made this for me while I was at #metc13

15/02/2013 00:24:14 WIB
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๐Ÿ“šJ.J. ๐Ÿ“š @Jamie_A_Becker

I kind of miss being with like-minded individuals at #METC13. Don't get me wrong, but writing cover letters doesn't really stack up...

15/02/2013 00:22:43 WIB
Mimi Jones Lachi @usamimi74

@k_shelton @ShellTerrell here is the site I was telling you about for all your "Belgian cravings" #METC13

14/02/2013 23:42:02 WIB
Lucy Gray @elemenous

Innovation and The Freedom to Break Things | Peer to Peer University #METC13 More food for though!

14/02/2013 23:16:10 WIB
Stephanie Madlinger @cyberteacher

Be sure to send Roses & RahRah to @meganmoncure for her tireless efforts in planning #METC13 ~ Congrats for #1 #MO #edtech conference #MOedu

14/02/2013 22:59:42 WIB
Manuel S. Herrera @manuelherrera33

Just re-introduced myself to my colleagues as their new Director of Innovation. #moedchat #metc13

14/02/2013 22:38:24 WIB
Erin Klepper @ErinKlepper1

#METC13 Thank you to all the presenters who filled my head with tools, knowledge and inspiration yesterday! I love learning!

14/02/2013 22:34:29 WIB
Debbie Fucoloro, PhD @debbiefuco

Happy Birthday, Jerry! Enjoyed meeting you this week & facilitating your #METC13 sessions!

14/02/2013 21:40:35 WIB
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Dave Grossman @dave_grossman

Post Action Review of MRH Mojo students and their eNews coverage at #metc13.

14/02/2013 21:27:19 WIB
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