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Rudolf Elmer Releases #Swiss #Bank Info to #WikiLeaks, #Indian Politicians Fearfully Await Leaks

A compilation of reactions to former Swiss Banker Rudolf Elmer's leak of Swiss bank data to WikiLeaks, and the potential implications for Indian and American politicians and banks.
WikiLeaks @wikileaks
Swiss whistleblower plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks http://is.gd/6J9T83
Heather Brooke @newsbrooke
"i know how the system works and I'm against it. It's damaging our society and I want to tell people about this system." Rudolf Elmer
Ramachandran C @cr4321
Once wikileaks disgorge the limited secret bank account details - how will the Indian media react? and how about politicians?
Fazil @fzil
Wikileaks is back. Welcome to a secret stash of cash, that almost equals the Indian GDP. Ever dreamt of shitting out money in the loo??
Amit @karkhanisamit
WikiLeaks has names of 2000 swiss bank account holders. Wow. Hope some of the Indian political dogs are also in the list!!
rakesh khanna @bobkhanna
the next set of leaks from Wikileaks could well set the cat amongst the Indian ruling establishment's pigeons!
🅰️Dℹ️TY🅰️ ♏️🅰️G🅰️L @jhunjhunwala
I see that Wikileaks is revealing names of Indian Swiss Bank account holders.This is why they say Indian Banks are safer than foreign banks
Pushkar Kumar Mishra @pushpkmishra
Wikileaks must declare the name of Indian depositers of Swiss bank so that our poor countrymen know who looted n how much.
Rajeev Shankar @RajeevShankar
#Wikileaks likely to expose details of Swiss bank account holders. Time for shameless Indian government to be momentarily red-faced again.
राष्ट्रीय सेवक @LastLibran
The first name is of Gandhi Family & every Indian knows about it! RT @thenewshour: Wikileaks to hit India hard?
Prasanna Vaste @prasannavaste
wikileaks will provide details about swiss money details of Indian Politicians, media barrons and so on. UPA govt headache continues.....
Psychedelic insights @FreePresss
Former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed over two CDs detailing thousands of offshore bank accounts to Wikileaks... http://abcn.ws/gFUO9s
Nakul Shenoy @NakulShenoy
I think the Indian politicians are suddenly going to agree with the US administration that #WikiLeaks is not really a good thing :-)
Rahul Kalia @coachrahul
Indian money in Swiss banks - $1.4 trillion. Could it be true? Wikileaks, shed light please.
Assange to release details on all indian Swiss bank account holders. Troubled night for quite a few I reckon. #WikiLeaks
AshDubey_ @AshDubey_
Wikileaks cofirm that Siwss Bank acct details they recieved have names of Indian Politicos! :)) hmm life is getting interesting! #roguemedia
Sadashiv D. Punekar @sadapunekar
I was wondering if wikileaks turned their eyes to igreat indian corruption, it will surely run out of paper, disk space and patience !!
sriramnat @sriramnat
Wikileaks promises to reveal Swiss banking secrets! Oh God! I can see the Indian politicos quivering. Get ready for another round of scams!
Ashish Mohta @ashishmohta
Wondering how many indian names are there in the swiss bank details with wikileaks. After scams that would be the hottest news
rambabu @ram_allu
#ihaveadream that #Indian Government has released all the Indian names in #Swiss Bank A/c prior to #Wikileaks..!!?
SUHEL SETH @Suhelseth
We should ban WIKILEAKS before they reveal the name of an Indian PM having a Swiss Bank account. We cannot have national unrest. #banswiss
Joyeeta Basu @eeta
waiting for wikileaks disclosure on swiss bank accounts. there must be many indian fat cats on the list :)
Ramana Reddy @evramana3
First time Indian politicians and businessmen will feel the pressure of wikileaks.Black money holders in Swiss Bank to be exposed.Good job
Mandar Pendsey @mandarpendsey
Wikileaks says a former Indian Prime Minister had a Swiss Bank account. Tell me something new
Ramachandran C @cr4321
Will Indian media publish the Swiss Bank account details, once #wikileaks reveals it? - (Even though, it will be available everywhere else)
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