Japanese internment newspapers, north america

Tweets about Japanese American and Canadian newspapers which were published during World War II, some from internment camps.
Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation @HeartMountainWY

@tulelakenps it strikes me that "Sentinel" was a fitting name for a paper meant to protect freedom of speech from behind barbed wire

14/02/2013 06:52:10 WIB
Floof Boo @floof_boo

“Newspapers in camp.” Japanese concentration camp newspapers. @DenshoProject http://t.co/hx4N2don #JA #Internment

14/02/2013 06:34:18 WIB
Floof Boo @floof_boo

Manzanar Free Press, “longest running” of camp newspapers. Manzanar, CA. - @DenshoProject http://t.co/ulxzEucv #JA #Internment

14/02/2013 06:31:32 WIB
Floof Boo @floof_boo

The Denson Communique, “shortest running of all the camp newspapers.” Jerome, AK - @DenshoProject http://t.co/Xe8lV9Wb #JA #Internment

14/02/2013 06:27:59 WIB
Tule Lake National Monument @tulelakenps

The fist issue of the Heart Mountain Sentinel provides an understanding of life in confinement in 1942: http://t.co/M8m6PK5V

14/02/2013 06:10:26 WIB
Tule Lake National Monument @tulelakenps

In this image from the camp newspaper at Manzanar, Japanese illustration style is used to depict camp structures: http://t.co/oGVaYlFU

14/02/2013 01:15:24 WIB
Tule Lake National Monument @tulelakenps

The camp newspaper, The Manzanar Free Press was published in English & Japanese. See the Japanese edition: http://t.co/eMSNL8sT

12/02/2013 23:31:19 WIB
Samuel J. Redman @samueljredman

Japanese American narrator notes in #oralhistory that his family read Exec. Order 9066 in Nichi Bei newspaper - http://t.co/Dkov9gV6

12/02/2013 01:55:50 WIB
Tule Lake National Monument @tulelakenps

This article examines the pressures surrounding the writers & readers of the Heart Mountain Sentinel, a camp newspaper: http://t.co/LvWJy7pQ

11/02/2013 02:05:31 WIB


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