Milt Shook's "Black-and-White Progressives" article and the firestorm that ensued on Twitter

Black-and-White Progressives A long and spirited discussion about Milt's latest article caused a bit of a firestorm between Milt Shook and Media Matters Oliver Willis over setting a progressive agenda, and the long term, short term plan in getting blue dogs like Bob Kerrey of Kansas elected, or hold out the faint hope of electing a progressive in a blood red state, like Kansas.
Milt Shook @miltshook

S*** Rush Limbaugh Says A collection of quotes from the gasbag showing racism, sexism and stupidity. With cites!

17/03/2012 04:18:38 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

I am so happy that NPR has posted ethical guidelines for their journalists. I think we should demand the same from everyone...

17/03/2012 04:20:17 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook sorry, but as far as blue dogs your analysis is way off. the health care bill had good things taken out thanks to dem blue dogs

17/03/2012 04:20:41 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook further im not sure why we should have to accept a crappy candidate like bob kerrey

17/03/2012 04:23:12 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis If you don't live in Nebraska, you have no say. If you do, ur choice is Kerrey and whoever else decides to run.

17/03/2012 04:24:05 WIB
Steven Brown @Spectricide

.@miltshook It takes ethics to retract too// NPR Issues Embarassing Retraction... - Npr - Fox Nation

17/03/2012 04:25:02 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@sutherland_ann @owillis It's NOT true. House bill couldn't pass cuz of a filibuster. No Blue Dog ever voted agst cloture.

17/03/2012 04:25:58 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook haha so if i dont live in NE i cant comment on who is 1/100 people running 1/2 of our legislature? are u kidding?

17/03/2012 04:28:09 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis I didn't say that. I said you have no say.

17/03/2012 04:28:41 WIB
Steve Kimura @stevekimura

@owillis as much as I loathe blue dogs, i'd rather have one like Kerrey in Neb than a Republican. and no, I don't live there. @MiltShook

17/03/2012 04:28:45 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@stevekimura @owillis Exactly. Spend a week in NE and you realize, a full on prog Senator will not be elected there right now.

17/03/2012 04:30:11 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@stevekimura with blue dogs 70-80% of the time there's no diff. i thought they'd be w dems on core issues, but they arent @MiltShook

17/03/2012 04:30:22 WIB
part imaginary @root_e

@owillis @stevekimura oh come on oliver - no difference between voting for Barbara Boxer as Chair of Energy/Env. versus Inhofe?

17/03/2012 04:31:01 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook talk about your black/white false choice how about someone less crappy than kerrey? does he even have ne residency? @stevekimura

17/03/2012 04:31:18 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis @stevekimura Oh, please, Oliver. Blue Dogs were all replaced by teabaggers. NO DIFFERENCE?

17/03/2012 04:31:40 WIB
Steve Kimura @stevekimura

@owillis so you'd lose 20-30% on principle? we have to be realistic on what we can win. @MiltShook

17/03/2012 04:31:53 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@rootless_e if its to decide control, i guess, but short term sacrifice is no way to move the country ahead @stevekimura

17/03/2012 04:32:00 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook in the case of blue dogs like heath shuler? no, not really. @stevekimura

17/03/2012 04:32:21 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis @stevekimura Yes. He was a Sen from NE before. And it's NE. That's like a RWer asking NYC to elect one of theirs. Ain't happening

17/03/2012 04:33:06 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook many times i'd rather an up-front crazy winger than a conservative given cover by the dems @stevekimura

17/03/2012 04:33:22 WIB
Oliver Willis @owillis

@MiltShook i think even in ne, we can do better than kerrey @stevekimura

17/03/2012 04:34:01 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis @stevekimura Even Schuler votes 80% or more with Dems. Name a bagger who's voted 10% with Dems

17/03/2012 04:34:04 WIB
Milt Shook @miltshook

@owillis @stevekimura We could also do a hell of a lot worse. Like 2 Tom Coburns. It's NE. We don't get to choose!!!!!!!!!

17/03/2012 04:34:48 WIB
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