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Hero TV @HeroTV_Live

"Welcome to a very special edition of HeroTV! Certainlly, there has been some very busy weeks for our favorite HEROes!"

31/01/2013 06:39:39 WIB
Hero TV @HeroTV_Live

"Today we celebrate the greateness of these brave, courageous people that fight for Sternbild´s safety! Stay with us."*documentary rolls by*

31/01/2013 06:41:45 WIB
Hero TV @HeroTV_Live

After dealing with terrorists and secret governamental weapons, more discreet moments awaited for the HEROes. (cont)

31/01/2013 06:57:21 WIB
Hero TV @HeroTV_Live

"Don´t miss! The HEROes arriving for the gala ball at the City Hall´s red carpet! Tomorrow, 8pm, only here, in HeroTV!"

31/01/2013 07:00:12 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

*bounces up and down in excitement* Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

31/01/2013 07:08:01 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@BlueRose_Karina Karina Lyle. I´m sure you are ready for tomorrow´s gala ball and red carpet entrance.

31/01/2013 07:41:35 WIB
Barnaby Brooks Jr @BunnyBarnaby

*choosing a suit for the gala with @1MinuteTiger* Kotetsu-san. What do you think?

31/01/2013 07:07:02 WIB
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Wild Tiger @1MinuteTiger

@BunnyBarnaby *thumbs up* Looks really good on you! Now to see which one I'll wear… maybe the same one for the interview…?

31/01/2013 07:22:07 WIB
Barnaby Brooks Jr @BunnyBarnaby

@1MinuteTiger Well, Agnes told us we´ll have a... "red carpet arrival" and she wants something different from us. Attention-grabbing.

31/01/2013 07:33:36 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

I need to wear something special for the gala. But what should I wear...? *scratches head*

31/01/2013 07:08:38 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner I see you are really excited for the ball, Axl. Where´s Zero?

31/01/2013 07:08:40 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert That's... a very good question! He's, uh, I dunno, buying a new remote control? This one's kinda burned out.

31/01/2013 07:11:16 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner *folds her arms, scoffing a bit* He needs to be here tomorrow, or I´m going to lose my job.

31/01/2013 07:12:25 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert I'll try to tell him about the ball, don't worry!

31/01/2013 07:13:12 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner Better tell him to appear on time! *looking at him* Hnm... Are you able to... wear clothes?

31/01/2013 07:14:41 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert I... think so? I'm more comfortable with changing the color of my armor, but...

31/01/2013 07:15:57 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner ...I prefer you to change the colors of your armor. You and Zero are free to choose. *massaging her temple* [God...]

31/01/2013 07:17:30 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert But if I'm gonna wear clothes, I want the most extravagant/ridiculous clothes out there.

31/01/2013 07:16:23 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert Actually, since you gave me that idea, I'm going with clothes!

31/01/2013 07:19:14 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner Just... *remembering the fans letters, thinking about the audience of his arrival* Yes, you are free to choose. *nods* Do it.

31/01/2013 07:19:57 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert Um, is there any way I can contact the fans?

31/01/2013 07:23:28 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner *expectant for the audience, thinking about a special calling for him...* You mean... a pool? To choose your clothes?

31/01/2013 07:24:31 WIB
Axl @ReploidGunner

@Agnes_Joubert Not rrrreally, I just wanted opinions on what would look good on me.

31/01/2013 07:25:43 WIB
Agnes Joubert @Agnes_Joubert

@ReploidGunner I can open a chat on the HeroTV website, so the fans can talk to you about your clothes. *eyes glowing*

31/01/2013 07:31:25 WIB
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