#slpchat Feb 3/4 2013 on Phonological therapy

Chat about phono therapy with special guest @speech_woman (Caroline Bowen). Australian and North American chats combined into one chat.
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Welcome to #slpchat! We're very proud and happy to have @speech_woman here with us for the chat! Thank you so much, Caroline!

04/02/2013 06:00:35 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Co moderating as @SLPChat today are @speechreka and @SLPTanya - Very happy to have one chat for all timezones.

04/02/2013 06:01:26 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

We expect to have several new people today so please introduce yourself and where you are from :)#slpchat

04/02/2013 06:02:40 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

Sorry to my followers, I'll be tweeting a lot in the #slpchat for the next hour.

04/02/2013 06:03:14 WIB
LessonPix @lessonpix

I'm Bill Binko from http://t.co/HEA3AOKf from Tampa, FL (Glad to be here) #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:03:43 WIB
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya

I'm in Southern Ontario, Canada and am a school board SLP #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:03:45 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@SLPChat I am Bronwyn a speech pathologist teaching and research in Newcastle Australia, and network tweeps in AU #SLPchat

04/02/2013 06:04:12 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

Hi! I'm Lauren, a Speech Pathologist in Sydney, Aust. Feeling lucky about not working Mondays! #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:04:22 WIB
Shareka @speechreka

Hey everyone! Shareka here tweeting from Barbados. Welcome :) #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:04:43 WIB
Dr Tricia McCabe @tricmc

Hi Tricia McCabe from university of sydney with Edy Strand & Larry Shriberg #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:05:01 WIB
Black Sheep Press @BSPLtd

Hi Alan from BSP here, doubt if I'll say much! #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:05:55 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

In case people don't know, @speechieLO usually moderates as #slpchat for the Australian edition :)

04/02/2013 06:06:05 WIB
Jerry Butanda @Jgb9530

Hi all. My name is Jerry Butanda and I am from Southern California! #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:06:18 WIB
Cᴀʀᴏʟɪɴᴇ Bᴏᴡᴇɴ 🇦🇺🇳🇿🙃😎 @speechwoman

I'm in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia - hi #slpchat people at Sydney University

04/02/2013 06:06:48 WIB
Jennifer W Grundulis @nifferdoodle

Hi all, Jennifer Grundulis, SLP in Dublin, Ireland via Texas via New York #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:06:56 WIB
Amanda Johnson @JohnsonAJJ

Hi I am in south east England and an independent SLT, I may not make the whole chat as its late and I am up early tomorrow! #Slpchat

04/02/2013 06:06:59 WIB
Sanne @sanneSLT

Hi, I'm Sanne from the Netherlands, SLT, lecturer and PhDcandidate. My research is on SSD #slpchat

04/02/2013 06:07:12 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@Jgb9530 hey Jerry, welcome to #SLPchat - the first global phenomenon going head to head with #Superbowl!

04/02/2013 06:07:19 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@sanneSLT another chatter up late - it really is a global chat! whoo hoo #SLPchat

04/02/2013 06:08:58 WIB
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Vocalsaints Ltd @Vocalsaints 20/12/2013 04:09:51 WIB
Hi, I'm Sarah Campbell, NZ based SLT from http://vocalsaints.co.nz. I'd love to know, is #slpchat still alive and kicking?