Twitter Slays the Superbowl as Beyonce Does the Same

The Baltimore Ravens vs. The San Francisco 49ers. Alicia Keys. Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce. Destiny's Child. The Blackout. <-- One of these kids is doing their own thing. And it was all funny.
beyonce HUDSON 49ers 2013 KEYS Jennifer superbowl ravens ALICIA Twitter
Keyshia Cole @KeyshiaCole
estelledarlings's photo cant wait to see! shes gonna Kill
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Hank McCoy @HankMcCoybeats
All I hear is this girl is on fire whenever she sings lol
Chris Williams @iamchriswms
That note that she just hit was HORRIBLE.
She's nervous as hell. RT @AsiaBrown: She sounds nervous. Like she's being cautious.
"@SinnamonS: I wish Rihanna would have came out and laid on Alicia Keys piano and started singing "Shine Bright like a Diamond" #superbowl"
George 2.0 @twopointoh
About Morehouse, we got a referee on the field today y'all. [Jerome Boger}
Simone Smalls @simonesmalls
Black History Month! RT @croberts5: Three Black women performing at the Super Bowl. Don't know if that's ever happened before. But I love...
April Roberta Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer @DIYolie
Lmao RT @__xodani: Blue Ivy get raised up like baby Simba tonight half my TL gon drop dead.
jaredmichaelowe @jaredmichaelowe
beep me when beyonce performs and these men in tights stop kicking around a hey arnold head shape ball.
cutemommytoo @ohdadiva
@lolaogunnaike she did well. I was on pins and needles half expecting a "fiyaahhh" type situation. She was all the way together.
Immortal Technique @ImmortalTech
The point if the game is not just who wins but enjoying it with family and friends. Lets go Ravens vs. 49iners
bevysmith @bevysmith
tight pants muscular arms,.....Touch me Down, lol
ArielDeNey @ArielDeNey
GIRLLLL BOOOM LOL! RT @AngieG_PR Beyonce is talented.....but vocally she can't top what Jennifer Hudson & Alicia Keys just did #SuperBowl47
GirlGetALife @GirlGetALife
I watch football all the time but never cease to be amazed at how huge these mofos are.
JOVI B∆B¥ @itsJOVIbaby
RT @Forbes: #SuperBowl ads cost $8M per min. - $4,444.44 per frame. Your viewing time has never been more valuable
nerdferg (temporarily) @35mmPapi
😭😭😂😂 RT @SoloChills: LMAO RT @LuvableDee Whatever they give you for getting in the HOF, Warren Sapp’s will be on ebay tomorrow.
Cybel Martin @CybelDP
Women in my family can talk football. Not like @Kia_M_Neal but I can definitely hold my own
Janeé @JaneeTMB
Beyoncé should do a new Destinys Child with Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys since they seem to be the only jawns working besides Rihanna.
Mervyn Warren @mervynwarren
I missed the National Anthem. Thought show started at 3:30. (Probably for the best. LOL.)
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