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Going Nowhere on Weekend? Check it out this #ACEtips #cooking

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ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

1 Cooking together can be a delicious learning experience for children & their parents.Let's make your #cooking time safe & fun! #ACEtips

02/02/2013 16:00:44 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

2 Invite your child to help to plan a meal or pick a recipe,make a list of ingredients.Also involve them to shopping. #ACEtips #cooking

02/02/2013 16:05:09 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

3 This way,children can learn how to organize & follow through,give your child a sense of control & accomplishment. #ACEtips #cooking

02/02/2013 16:10:07 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

4 Wash hands before you start #cooking. Not only for children, but it goes for grown-ups too. #ACEtips

02/02/2013 16:15:18 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

5 Give preschoolers their own safe utensils. You can offer them wooden or plastic ones. #ACEtips #cooking

02/02/2013 16:20:08 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

6 It's time to practice math as you measure & stir. Yes,build their math skills w/ counting & measuring. #ACEtips #cooking

02/02/2013 16:25:08 WIB
ACE Hardware Indonesia @ACEIndonesia

7 You can start to introduce new foods.Let them make a new 'creations' w/ their new unfamiliar vegetables or fruits. #ACEtips #cooking

02/02/2013 16:30:36 WIB


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