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Tweets about the SXSWi Panel "How to Win Friends and Influence Space Exploration"
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Ron Garan @Astro_Ron
Looking forward to being a part of this great panel @ #SXSW in a few hours plz stop by if you can
Susanna Speier @SusannaSpeier
@craignewmark Will you be attending this @Astro_Ron event tomorrow? Hope you get a chance to meet.
Jon Verville @jonverve
I will be at: "How to win friends and influence space exploration." RT @absolutspacegrl 12:30. Omni. Be there! #SXSW
@Schofe Hi,if your interested in outa space,check out this! @Astro_Ron this is frm up on the ISS.Pic"s are amazing. really awesome..
SpaceCampUSA @SpaceCampUSA
@Astro_Ron looking forward to your presentation today at #sxsw!
Stephanie L. Smith @Stephist
Competition & collaboration: takeaway themes from #sxsw. Which do you think better spurs innovation?
Stephanie L. Smith @Stephist
It's not about the hardware, it's about the connections that hardware facilitates. #sxsw #counts
Huggie Edslar @SpaceHuggie
Trying to meet Mr. @Astro_Ron today. I'm soo excited!!!
NadsBads @NadsBads
When I was a kid it was Pigs In Space. Now it's Twitter In Space. One day I'm sure it'll be Twitter Pigs In Space. #sxspacetweep #darestream
SpaceCampUSA @SpaceCampUSA
Sitting in a room full of amazing @spacetweeps right now! Come join us at the omni ballroom #sxsw
NadsBads @NadsBads
@Astro_Ron I'm here. Looking forward to this talk A LOT.
Jay Corner @darkjota
@Astro_Ron You should have done it here, in Colombia. In that case you would have to rent an auditorium double that size. We're hungry!
Carlitox Miño @carlitoxmj
@Astro_Ron If I could.. But I'm too far.. :( But the way I'm still supporting you! Good luck bud!..
Niki 🌹 @nikiw124
Please go, cos I'm too far away to go! RT @Astro_Ron Still lots of empty seats come join us #SXSW
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