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Jangan Remehkan Perempuan Jaman Sekarang, Sebuah Uraian Singkat yang Musti Dipahami Cowok Pencari Cinta Sejati Sebab Perempuan Independen Juga Butuh Cinta

cinta yang diinginkan perempuan independen itu cinta yang membuatnya semakin hidup
dreamcatcher @JimahNordin

@twt_cinta Just offer her love. Genuine love. And a lot of attention. We love that.

26/09/2020 16:42:44 WIB
NBLHNZRI @bielalah

@twt_cinta But mayb she needs someone that can listen to her stories. Maybe she needs that.

26/09/2020 16:44:12 WIB
herwione 🌺 @waaannnyyy

@twt_cinta Just shower her with your love, time, affection and attention. Sometimes, don’t afraid to ask her, “Is there anything that I can help?”

26/09/2020 16:46:20 WIB
فقرى @Fxkhry

@twt_cinta Be her friend first. Get to know each other. Jangan pikir dia perlukan kau. Don't be that kind of self-diluded

26/09/2020 16:46:51 WIB
Nor Zaireen 📌 @ajai_consultant

@twt_cinta Dia perlukan attention, caring & kasih sayang sebenarnya Satu jek dgn org yg mcm nie, be honest. Sekali dua, awk lie to her. Dia boleh maafkan. Bila dh bnyk kali tuh susah nak gain semula trust dia. 1 lg, dia mmg focus dgn keje dia & mungkin awk akn bosan giller dgn dia.

26/09/2020 16:47:38 WIB
N.I.T 🌺 @kakzett

@twt_cinta Offer her ur love, affection & attention.. show her that she is important to u, if she is special to u show her how special she is to u.. just give ur time, attention, respect & love she will love u back in a million ways, that's all we need ❤️

26/09/2020 16:50:50 WIB
🤷🏻‍♀️ Meowqah @nznnsyfqhayb

@twt_cinta Yes, she can have all that but believe me.She will want to be comfortable in her vulnerable sides when she is with you.Don't look at what she have more than you. You need to offer something that doesn't involve money. It's good if you could understand astrid in crazy rich asians.

26/09/2020 16:52:43 WIB
RinnaMinna🌻 @minna_rinna

@twt_cinta Hahahaha! I wonder what this guy will do for her, what are you going to bring to the table?? Maybe something that you never done before.. And also, don’t be fake.

26/09/2020 17:22:00 WIB
Dee @chegu_dee

@twt_cinta Be yourself, jgn mudah rasa down sebab dia ada semua benda tu. InsyaAllah, ilham tu akn muncul sendiri bila jadi diri sendiri ni. 😉

26/09/2020 17:26:23 WIB
The Stranger @the88stranger

@twt_cinta Tegas nak bayar kalau keluar makan,offer pickup kalau keluar jangan bagi dia drive.Bertegas nak offer/tolong walaupun tahu dia boleh/mampu buat.Yang penting jangan amik kesempatan la.

26/09/2020 17:54:47 WIB
Aiman Zainal @aaiimmaannnnn

@twt_cinta Jadi lah serba boleh. Jadi kelakar, pandai bergaul dgn orang, pay attention bila dia bercakap, pay attention to everything she does, be supportive, bahu untuk dia tumpang nangis, moral support. Plus berkemahiran dlm benda2 teknikal, kuat fizikal, pandai masak, mahir bab duit

26/09/2020 18:44:18 WIB
mong pakai mask okay @amierulhakim_

@twt_cinta Same goes to my gf. She can have what ever she want. Nasihat saya is bagi attention, stay beside thru up n down. Kalau nak bagi pape,make it a suprise. Jangan bgtau dia nak belikan dia itu ini. Kalau nak bagi,bagi je. Yang penting,jaga dia betul betul. Haha🤟

26/09/2020 18:51:32 WIB @lizzieH__

@twt_cinta Kalau dia kata jom lari, so lari bersama dia. Kalau dia tetap setia dengan dia, so setia dengan dia.

26/09/2020 18:52:52 WIB
𝙥 𝙤 𝙭 𝙟 𝙖 𝙭 @poxjaxx

@twt_cinta Pompuan nak attention je baru dia sayang. Kalau bagi barang baru nak sayang baik takyah😅 Dia anak org kaya ka ada duit ka kalau betul dia sayang dia takkan kesah dengan apa kau ada. Dia cuma nak perhatian dan ksih sayang kau je

26/09/2020 18:53:29 WIB
A lil light in your sky @Licht_laVie

@twt_cinta Always let her know you will always be there. Show it.. your affection... Don't go overthinking and insecured.. just show your love sincerely. If she's the right one for you. We'll pray for your happiness.

26/09/2020 19:22:13 WIB
🙆🏼‍♀️ #RakyatJagaRakyat ✨🇲🇾 @kuchisabishll

@twt_cinta just bcs she afford it doesnt mean you cant give her those things. if i were her, bagi la apa yg you mampu. its the effort. i would be happy even if you come and bring me a plucked flower from the streets, because you mean that much to me. stop. getting. insecure. unnecessarily!

26/09/2020 20:38:43 WIB
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