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Pecinta Printilan Dapur dan Ingin Hidup Lebih Mudah Harus Tahu Ini, Nih Thread Peralatan Dapur yang Bisa Buat Acara Masakmu Jadi Lebih Menyenangkan

Hidup jadi lebih nyaman
Daniel Torre @Mizuri84

@ValaAfshar Sorry but the watermelon 🍉 it is better with a spoon

26/09/2020 09:19:04 WIB
RC @pw880

@ValaAfshar Don’t get the pineapple corer with the metal blade plastic handle - after some use, it leaves plastic shards everywhere. Oxo brand one is good. 🍍 🔪

26/09/2020 09:22:44 WIB
peaceforall🖖🏾 @peaceforall

@ValaAfshar It will be really helpful if these products are named

26/09/2020 09:31:08 WIB
akshay.panchal @akshay_panch

@ValaAfshar Nice gadgets....from where we get these....pls share....

26/09/2020 10:44:30 WIB
Aayush Gupta @aayushmail007

@ValaAfshar I think use some skills and sense , and save planet from more cheap plastic !

26/09/2020 10:48:00 WIB
Paul Katsen @pavtalk

@jersmith22 @ValaAfshar Just gotta dig in, no tools needed. Key is to start training young.

26/09/2020 11:03:42 WIB
Copin @copin_2

@ValaAfshar J'adore ces trucs. Ça donne l'impression que tout est simple.

26/09/2020 11:57:48 WIB
CaliRebe🇺🇸🇲🇽🍊 @CaliRebelRebe

@ValaAfshar Omg I’ve had that butter knife thing and never realized that’s what it was supposed to do ! 😂🤪

26/09/2020 12:08:44 WIB
Siva 🔱 🇮🇳 @muthushiv

@ValaAfshar @siddarthpaim Something called Kitchen knife. Thats way cooler to me

26/09/2020 12:30:37 WIB
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