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Story of bushcraft java

This time Bushcraft Java wants to share knowledge and survival experiences about making simple bivouacs made from natural build natural shelther, axeskills, chicken barbeque, here we also provide easy techniques to imitate or learn by beginner hikers, here we also bring sufficient food supplies. to increase stamina while climbing, among others, a few pieces of chicken to roast. Read More

Story of bushcraft java

Come on in and get to know who we are ... !!!

In this discussion, we will tell you a little about our community. Bushcraft java is a community of nature lovers that started from a concern about the surrounding environment which is starting to be polluted by various kinds of resident waste and waste from large industrial companies.

So an idea was created from a friend of ours named Raga Pamungkas and discussed it again with his friend Firmansyah and Fajrul Falah. From the discussion of our three friends, they started to make social activities around their residence such as cleaning the residential area and a small mountain which they often used as a camping place, namely Mount Walat.

Story of bushcraft java

After this activity lasted for several months, a name of our community was born, namely "Bushcraft Java", why they chose this name because it was based on the hobby of our friend, Raga Pamungkas, who likes climbing mountains and making creative works in the field of fine arts, work. hands especially.

Java Bushcraft itself was formed and founded in 2002 in the Sukabumi area of West Java, Indonesia in mid-October. They also do various camping and hiking activities to various different locations around the island of Java besides that their activities in the forest are always filled with works of art. creative souvenirs when they come home from their camping activities.

Until now, bushcraft java itself is growing very rapidly and is followed by many members of the nature lovers around them and often do social activities and climbing to various places. Apart from social activities and camping, bushcraft java also always shares about its experiences and provides bushcraft education and survival to nature lovers and the community.

Attributes and logos

Below are the attributes and logos we created for our community

1.Background circle
green color

  1. The cardinal directions

  2. Mounts

  3. Axes and machetes

  4. Rice seeds

The green circle background is our choice because from our point of view the circle represents the earth shape and the green color represents fertile land, after that we add the cardinal directions which represent our boundless journey then we also add a sturdy mountain image as one of our travel destinations and two of our favorite pieces of equipment, namely the ax and the crossed cleaver because the equipment is always loyal wherever we go on our adventures and there is also a golden yellow rice image symbolizing prosperity and prosperity with the hope that our community will stand up and walk along with it.

welfare and prosperity. We also created various attributes such as flags, emblems, stickers, jungle hats, tactical clothing and many other attributes.

In forming our community, emotional and happy stories also color our journey. And there is also a community point of view that views our activities as positive activities and there are also those who look at us one eye. Sometimes we also encounter difficulties when trying to invite people to always protect the forest and the cleanliness of the environment around their homes.

Perhaps all of this is due to the lack of public awareness of the importance of environmental cleanliness and an understanding of ecosystems and forests as a place for many living things other than humans, including flora and fauna. Yet if they are aware of environmental sustainability, all needs such as clean water sources and natural food will be fulfilled for their daily needs.

That's a glimpse of the stories and activities about bushcraft java, hopefully what has been told and shared with bushcrafter friends will be motivational and useful for friends, thank you.

Hopefully we can meet again in my next story and discussion.
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