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Setuju? Teknologi Jendela Kereta Yang Menutup Ketika Melewati Gedung Apartemen Atau Perumahan Demi Privasi

Tapi ada yang beropini teknologi ini sia-sia
Vala Afshar @ValaAfshar

A great example of privacy innovation - train windows automatically blind when passing residential areas.

23/09/2020 02:27:04 WIB
Resisting the night away @SeaCee8

@ValaAfshar maybe, but claustrophobia? that would be very unpleasant for riders of the train, I think

23/09/2020 02:45:45 WIB
theo @theogough

@ValaAfshar I humbly disagree. This is not the problem that needed this solution. Tech for tech's sake, minimising our human nature

23/09/2020 04:47:29 WIB
Isaiah 🖤 @Snowchild___

@ValaAfshar Darn! Now I won’t be able to look through people’s windows whilst going 100mph 🤧

23/09/2020 10:15:05 WIB
Mehboob Qadir @MehboobQadir4

@ValaAfshar @ethicalsid Is the system controlled remotely? Or else how does it determine what is residential and what is not?Multi storied buildings house residential flats, offices,shops and the like.

23/09/2020 10:59:01 WIB
Muraro @Muraro652

@ValaAfshar I find this so funny: A train, normally, would take, maybe, 10 seconds max, to completely pass a building. Unless, you're 'The Flash', you're probably not going to see anything, anyways!

23/09/2020 11:48:39 WIB
Sushil Sarap @SarapSushil

@ValaAfshar Not really a good .... A train hardly takes about 2-5 seconds to cover that distance .... Rather than investing on such things it's far better to look for some nature friendly ideas....

23/09/2020 12:45:50 WIB
Chandrakant(Anil) @chandrakant1104

@ValaAfshar Those who wish privacy should pull their curtain down😉😉

23/09/2020 12:49:45 WIB
Kali @Kalimeart

@ValaAfshar this would be great for it worked for residential homes. My neighbors are tired of me flashing them

23/09/2020 13:14:45 WIB
⚾🏈🚴Cicero's Surrogate 😷☕ @SaltmeadowGroup

@ValaAfshar If only this country would build trains and stop thinking Elon is going to save us from our carbon footprint by drilling for lithium till he reaches middle earth or mines an asteroid on Saturn.

23/09/2020 13:57:10 WIB
Soumak Chongder @SoumakChongder

@ValaAfshar Feels like the black mirror episode "White Christmas"

23/09/2020 14:04:58 WIB
Sanjay Kaul @iamsanjaykaul

@ValaAfshar @PiyushGoyal Sir, we need this technology for all our trains, when they pass thru slums or areas which are not in good condition!

23/09/2020 16:43:28 WIB
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