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Inner Beauty yang Sesungguhnya, Penampakan Design Kamar Before-Ofter Ini Asli Cantiknya Kelewatan

Thread by @FLjasmy
FJ🇲🇾ai @FLjasmy

Other views Credit: Winelo Design & Renovation (FB) #FJhousereview

21/09/2020 19:38:21 WIB
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mar @825GB

@FLjasmy From this to this nya tak sesuai pula

21/09/2020 21:04:49 WIB
Iman-Ismail @M__niiabdr

@FLjasmy @Jantan_Keparat dinding tu apa nama ye? and beli kat mana? mahal dak?

21/09/2020 21:15:34 WIB


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