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"Pempersnya Mau Jatuh" Ngakak Pagi-pagi, Rekaman Hiburan yang Sukses Mengocok Perut

Bapak main sama anak, keren ya
🇧🇧 @rahm3sh

Lil man was running for his life😩😂😂😂

13/08/2020 02:09:45 WIB
buy or bye🏆♊️ @colourmoneyy

@rahm3sh They caught lacking once, he vowed to never let it happen again 😤

13/08/2020 02:14:27 WIB
Darius Herron @dariusherron1

@rahm3sh Somebody put the set it off music in there

13/08/2020 02:25:14 WIB
🇧🇧 @rahm3sh

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13/08/2020 02:37:21 WIB
🇧🇧 @rahm3sh

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13/08/2020 02:47:06 WIB
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Moe @Moe_Fabuleux

@rahm3sh This is my son Bakaari. ☠☠ All of you guys are seriously cracking me up with these comments. 🤣🤣🤣 I love it

13/08/2020 02:51:02 WIB
🦋 𝔅𝔬𝔲𝔧𝔢𝔢 🦋 @LaeXO__

@dariusherron1 @rahm3sh On a serious note...they didn’t have to shoot Cleo that many times😂😂😂

13/08/2020 03:29:16 WIB
Art Dechoe @jessyjams

@Moe_Fabuleux @rahm3sh Girl I was just about to message you that your babies are viral now 😂😂

13/08/2020 03:44:05 WIB
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