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Salut, Potret Guru Mexico Yang Ubah Bak Truk Pick Up Jadi Kelas Portable Agar Bisa Ajari Murid di Masa Pandemi

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Akki @akkitwts

In Mexico, school was cancelled because of the pandemic. This teacher turned her pickup truck into a portable classroom. She drives two hours a day to teach children with autism who don't have books or access to the internet.

06/08/2020 23:02:23 WIB
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The Art of Zen @AskKipaji

This Mexican teacher has turned her pick up truck to a mobile classroom . She drives for two hours daily to "home school" poor students with no access to the internet .👏👏👏🤚

12/08/2020 01:31:31 WIB
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🐝Melissa @_seagoat

This is sweet and all but we have to stop normalizing overworking teachers. Idk much about Mexican teacher pay but she’s probably isn’t being compensated & rather having extra income she’s spending out of pocket to make this happen…

11/08/2020 03:43:13 WIB
Amici Journal @amici09

@akkitwts GOD BLESS this dedicate HUMAN and TEACHER, she makes exemplary passion that teachers have.. AND lets be real the IMMIGRANTS as well...

07/08/2020 01:22:42 WIB


Teguuh @yaTegak 13/08/2020 20:21:03 WIB
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