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(Efek Up Photo S3ksi Mengundang) Alisku Terangkat Membaca DM Perempuan Ini Dilabrak Perempuan Lain Gara2 Foto Berpakaian S3ksi Terbuk4nya di Like Pacar Orang

Padahal ya dia cuma mau show up aja, insecure alert nih!
Psycha @KidPsycha

@arisylvie I can't even put into words the amount of stupidity is shown here......why does she even think you know him let alone want him?

11/08/2020 00:25:22 WIB
✨☁️soft angel☁️✨ @samthesofty

@arisylvie This is so sad...she’s being not cool at all with you but it’s coming from insecurities about herself and her relationship and it just makes me so sad that she feels more comfortable talking to you about it than her own bf. I hope she finds a happier situation

11/08/2020 02:16:38 WIB
Apollo @x_xApollo

@arisylvie Insecure much? If I say a girl has a nice butt or whatever my wife says "oh yeah she does" or "their not better than mine". She sounds like an inexperienced 16 year old or someone who hasn't lived life...

11/08/2020 04:07:55 WIB
bread crumb @oCrumpetty

@x_xApollo @arisylvie What this girl did is wrong but implying jealousy in its self is a 'bad' thing is wrong too. Not everyone's relationships are like that and that's also valid. Not every woman is okay with their S/O sexualizing other women.

11/08/2020 05:35:24 WIB
Tira @Tiramnia

@arisylvie I dunno why she doesn’t just take it as a good opportunity to allow herself to appreciate other mens photos 😂 I bet he isn’t allowed to watch porn either smh

11/08/2020 08:34:31 WIB
. . . @chidoriyah_

@samthesofty @arisylvie ah yes let’s assume it’s the guy’s fault even tho it’s completely reasonable that she may have had these issues before they got together, twitter at its finest

11/08/2020 18:35:54 WIB
AshesFeu 🎃 @AshesFeu

@chidoriyah_ @samthesofty @arisylvie They said it stemmed from the woman's insecurities and inability to communicate, didn't blame the boyfriend at all.

11/08/2020 22:28:36 WIB


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