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(Seperti Memelihara Ular Sanca yang Lalu Memakan Kita) Tubir Netizen Bahas Tulisan Di Dinding Ini Menjurus ke Tuduhan Pemerintah Lebanon Telah Sengaja Meledakkan Kota

Berita simpang siur di luar sana, kebenaran masih tersembunyi
lil brother 👁👄👁 @BigBoot40857912

@AsaadHannaa @YourAnonCentral Hun that explosion was caused by 2700 pounds of aluminum nitrate that was shipped from Germany

09/08/2020 13:26:02 WIB
ilyasMeedo @ilyasrawi2zamm

@AsaadHannaa why the heck government let thousand tonnes of explosive things inside store?? want to use in bombing syrians helping assad?

09/08/2020 13:35:02 WIB
🇧🇪BelgianMMAGod🇧🇪 @BelgianMMAGod

@AsaadHannaa A special man once said.. People should not be afraid of their goverment.. the goverment should afraid of their people!

09/08/2020 19:31:00 WIB
Aramis (Backup) @AramisBackup

@BigBoot40857912 @AsaadHannaa @YourAnonCentral Was shipped from Portugal to Mozambique. But never got there. At least is what the news say here in Portugal🤔

09/08/2020 20:17:23 WIB
LS Abdalah @lucasabdalah

@i_racle @amcbacha @AsaadHannaa @brunnosarttori They put down the forest searching minerals. So probably this video shows a field for mineral panning in the middle of the amazon rainforest

10/08/2020 00:03:59 WIB
Razzak Khan @razzakkhan96

@AsaadHannaa @ReallySwara We can feel your pain dude this could have been avoided if the government would have taken necessary steps to deal with #AmmoniumNitrate.... If this would have been an attack government would have got support but in reality government should be punished..

10/08/2020 02:12:40 WIB
JAH @jhen686

@TempBuckzYT @AsaadHannaa @YourAnonCentral It’s written in English for propaganda purposes. If not the majority of the targeted audience wouldn’t know what it said

10/08/2020 02:22:29 WIB

@AsaadHannaa @ReallySwara My dear Lebanonie brothers!Almighty Allah be patient to the families of those who died, And give place in heaven to those who died.

10/08/2020 03:09:28 WIB


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