Ter-awesome Niat dan Effort-nya, Video Penyanyi Asli The Brobecks Di-mix Pake Versi Animasi Ponsel Nokia Monokrom Jadul

Mantap banget mix and match-nya
Pinot W. Ichwandardi @pinot

Eyes stick to the old cell-phone screen, while the ears listen to the old Walkman. pic.twitter.com/wQtdHszb6k

09/08/2020 02:06:30 WIB
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Pinot W. Ichwandardi @pinot

IDK if I can remake the whole video but here's the 16 seconds 1-bit pixel art animation. Hope @DallonWeekes @ryanseaman approves (sorry Ryan, will put your better portion in longer video :D) pic.twitter.com/5Fc5hcjY7H

09/08/2020 04:07:30 WIB
Pinot W. Ichwandardi @pinot

Just a motion picture crafter with multiple tools. Hubby of the fairy, @ditut. Father of the elf, Arwen, the princess, Leia and the one, Neo.


Afwan Riyadi @af1_

@pinot Gooookiiiiiiiiil !!!!! itu jempol apa nggak pegel bang?

09/08/2020 01:16:07 WIB
Spooky Ghost @SpookyGhostMary

@pinot This is honestly incredible, although poor Ryan in the back 😂

09/08/2020 01:54:36 WIB
Selina Linggom S. @leiarsa

@pinot Ryan-nya 😂😂😂 Tapi cakep lho papin, gerakannya Dallon tuh susahhh ditiru

09/08/2020 01:55:32 WIB
Jojo Betzler @bumbukuahsoto

@pinot Duh kebetulan ini Grup Musik favorit saya , Keren Om 🔥🔥🔥

09/08/2020 02:08:01 WIB


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