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(Jangan Nyinyir Dulu, Ini Solusi BTW) Daripada Habisin Uang Buat Daring & Takut Jasi Sarjana Bodong, Universitas di Georgia Ini Membuat Perlindungan untuk Aktifitas Kelas untk Cegah Penyebaran Virus Corona

Tak a look, it's a great solutions?
colette arrand @colettearrand

This is the one of the barriers against COVID-19 that the University of Georgia set up.

06/08/2020 10:10:45 WIB
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words @wordsbig80s

@colettearrand I guess one way to get people to maintain social distance is to make them afraid the barrier might fall over and bonk them on the head.

06/08/2020 10:12:17 WIB
Nick Arvin @NickArvin

@colettearrand Looks like something my teenager might have put together.

06/08/2020 10:24:01 WIB
Shano @Shannon_Smith

@colettearrand They charge kids money to go there right?

06/08/2020 10:36:59 WIB
○●●○ @oo0oo

@colettearrand Painter’s tape is really in the pantheon of Great Tapes along with duct, gaffer’s, and that double-sided stuff you need a gun to use; I don’t know why you don’t seem to trust it

06/08/2020 10:49:05 WIB
colette arrand @colettearrand

@oo0oo What if the covid gets stuck to the tape?

06/08/2020 10:53:43 WIB
Alyssa DeHayes @alyssadehayes

@colettearrand There are many things wrong with this image but: is that painters tape?

06/08/2020 20:11:13 WIB
colette arrand @colettearrand

The faculty listserv is BURNING UP on this shield situation rn.

06/08/2020 21:58:30 WIB
Amanda Madden @MaddenAmanda

@colettearrand @nonmodernist For scale, my partner took this pic. He's 6 ft 1" and it hits his collarbone.

06/08/2020 22:01:41 WIB
Nathan Camp @nrcamp

@colettearrand Brought to you by the same impulse that still has us removing our shoes at airports.

06/08/2020 22:06:17 WIB
legally butch @kdlangofficial

@colettearrand @halal_bitch No shield by the computer bc the computer screen is the shield, now that’s how you cut costs

06/08/2020 22:13:23 WIB
shae @shaedygirl

@colettearrand @AliceAvizandum Good thing aersolized viruses like covid expand to fill their container. Oh wait that’s actually terrible.

06/08/2020 22:14:06 WIB
colette arrand @colettearrand

Apparently the painter’s tape is there to keep the shield in place until the glue binds to the desk. The university, which has been closed since March, only had the time to source two sizes of plexiglass, which don’t do anything for people over 6’, if it does anything at all.

06/08/2020 22:21:19 WIB
colette arrand @colettearrand

lol just got an email stating that if I’d like a study space in this death trap that I’d better sign up quickly.

06/08/2020 22:21:49 WIB
colette arrand @colettearrand

But the picture at the top of this thread was taken seated, student’s POV, from the first desk coming into the room. To say this is inadequate is *generous*.

06/08/2020 22:24:49 WIB
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