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(Dikejar, Dilempar Batu, Dikata-katai Pakai Nama Binatang) Pedagang Teh di Nepal Ini Sepertinya Sangat Tersinggung Ketika Turis dr Inggris Ini Menawar Harga Tehnya yg Sudah Murah

Marahnya ngeri, dan buat kita yang mau jalan-jalan harap terapkan di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung
Delilah @ComftyS

@CAMERONUCHIS 'running for their lives' from 1 woman that has 2 sticks and is throwing stones

04/08/2020 01:43:03 WIB
ITS TEE BABY!! @ThussainWrld

@CAMERONUCHIS @_ma195 150 rupees is like a £1.50 cmon now why u trying bargain her🤣

04/08/2020 02:51:51 WIB
chanel🦋 @trippiechanel

@Onikasupdate @ThussainWrld @CAMERONUCHIS @_ma195 girl if it’s that over priced maybe she shouldn’t be going on vacations with no money

04/08/2020 04:20:34 WIB
stormisbirkin @Onikasupdate

@trippiechanel @ThussainWrld @CAMERONUCHIS @_ma195 if somethings overpriced i’m gonna say something regardless of having money.

04/08/2020 04:51:50 WIB
J. @jaycmitch

@CAMERONUCHIS She called her all types of animals 😂

04/08/2020 05:02:06 WIB

The comments getting annoying Chile

04/08/2020 05:04:48 WIB
Name cannot be blank @that_wanna_be_

@CAMERONUCHIS I don't feel the least bit bad for this woman in all honesty. 150 rupees is equal to $2 US dollars and to bargain over such a low price just is insulting, especially given how tourists terrorize low income areas like these and treat them like a human zoo.

04/08/2020 09:40:33 WIB


04/08/2020 14:39:52 WIB
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Nathaniel @DeathNate4

@that_wanna_be_ @CAMERONUCHIS In Kathmandu, Nepal a cup of tea usually costs between 20 (normal price) and 80 rupees (high end restaurant). It cost 150 here because they are in the mountains and access to ingredients is hard. The tourist was being stingy.

04/08/2020 17:52:27 WIB


04/08/2020 19:05:00 WIB
clean your nails @reallifeblkdoll

@CAMERONUCHIS Imagine paying $1000s of dollars for a trip willingly, and it’s the small tea shop owner charging $1.25 that you feel is too expensive. She’s lucky my good sis didn’t throw any of the big rocks!

04/08/2020 20:19:18 WIB
stormisbirkin @Onikasupdate

@A__Cakess @trippiechanel @ThussainWrld @CAMERONUCHIS @_ma195 a birkin bag is an investment. if you weren’t a broke bi+ch you would know this

04/08/2020 20:21:45 WIB
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