((Ledakannya yang Tidak Tanggung-Tanggung)) Video Detik-Detik Terjadinya Ledakan Di Beirut, Lebanon yang Menggemparkan Dunia

Thread by @AbirGhattas
Abir Ghattas @AbirGhattas

My brother sent me this, we live 10 KM away from the explosion site and the glass of our bldgs got shattered. #Lebanon pic.twitter.com/MPByBc673m

04/08/2020 22:30:33 WIB
Abir Ghattas @AbirGhattas

Another video from #Lebanon, you can see the smoke and what might be ?exploding fireworks? pic.twitter.com/Ze2vqqjB3A

04/08/2020 23:09:04 WIB
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@AbirGhattas Fireworks do not cause that level of damage in an explosion... This looks to be a munitions factory (potentially under the guise of fireworks) The magnitude of the blast is more than likely caused by high explosive compounds catching - not gunpowder

04/08/2020 23:12:44 WIB
David Ferguson @Buttegrizzle

@AbirGhattas Many clips show either fireworks or munitions cooking off, in turn it appears triggering a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Escaping Vapor Explosion). So essentially an air-fuel bomb. It could have been adjacent to petrol or propane storage. Could be accidental, or god forbid, designed

04/08/2020 23:13:02 WIB
Pistolera22 @pistolera22

@AbirGhattas I hope everyone is ok I was in a zoom call with a friend when this happened her apartment is shattered but she’s ok by luck pic.twitter.com/nJEb7PLqvv

04/08/2020 22:45:12 WIB
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PEK‏‎‎جین @Jayan_korba

@AbirGhattas #BREAKING - #Lebanese media claims the MASSIVE #explosions in #Beirut occurred in a fireworks warehouse. Fireworks can be seen in the video, moments later a secondary explosion caused most of the damage. #Lebanon pic.twitter.com/dMbefM5Arm

04/08/2020 23:04:06 WIB
Bud Wilkinson @budleewilkinson

@AbirGhattas I’m no expert but I can’t imagine a fireworks factory would explode like that.

04/08/2020 22:58:01 WIB
Your Name @WHAMaTRON

@AbirGhattas This looks nuclear ☢️. Ffs what is going on and why

04/08/2020 22:54:15 WIB
ً @ayatosakaa

@born_rheumatic @AbirGhattas apparently it was an explosion at a fireworks factory?? that’s what some lebanese news outlets are saying

04/08/2020 22:53:13 WIB
South Dakota rocks due to Kristi Noem @herc4evr

@AbirGhattas IMO check radiation IMMEDiately and get out if anything at all.

04/08/2020 22:50:39 WIB
Car deB 🇪🇺 😷 @CdeBur_Europe

@stanhotz @AbirGhattas Media claim fireworks-stocks exploded; looks more like bomb. Stay safe & hope friends & family do too.

04/08/2020 22:50:32 WIB
Ηλίας Μαυροκέφαλος @mavrotziefalos

@AbirGhattas The explosion was felt in Limassol, Cyprus, our windows shaked.

04/08/2020 22:48:05 WIB
SlavicHatun @born_rheumatic

@AbirGhattas Something was already burning prior to that huge explosion? Is there an ammo storage there? A pyrotechnics factory?

04/08/2020 22:44:31 WIB
Ovadyah @Ovadyah

@AbirGhattas @MicahGrimes The building appears to be on fire before the explosion.

04/08/2020 22:39:21 WIB
Jonathan 🏳️‍🌈 @enbyjon

@AbirGhattas It's crazy! We are outside of Beirut and the glasses were shattered

04/08/2020 22:31:25 WIB


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