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(Bisa-bisanya Dia Tidur di Tempat Sepanas & Setinggi Itu?) Mungkin Ini Salah Satu Alasannya, Wanita Bisa Lebih Panjang Umur Daripada Laki-laki

Tantangan dunia kerja
chris sQuires @UniversityBlue

@AwardsDarwin Just have to get away from the wife yap yap yappin

03/08/2020 04:21:40 WIB
J✈️C @Ex101JC

@AwardsDarwin How could you possibly get a rest directly next to the heat outlet of the air conditioner?

03/08/2020 04:21:45 WIB
Maguire Comedy Moments @MaguireMoments

@AwardsDarwin He's not great company when he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

03/08/2020 04:22:00 WIB
Nun Ya Bidness @yourmommastaco

@AwardsDarwin Yeah, but it was probably the woman who threw his ass out to begin with!

03/08/2020 04:22:04 WIB
Full-time skeptic @forgues_michel

@AwardsDarwin However they don't have as much fun. Men have the scars to prove it.

03/08/2020 04:24:50 WIB
bawb smith @bawbsmith

@AwardsDarwin He shouldn't have pissed off the woman of the house

03/08/2020 04:28:34 WIB
🇨🇦 Sho'Nuff @ElmerNugz

@AwardsDarwin Probably the only peace and quiet he can get from his wife.

03/08/2020 04:48:36 WIB
Gunther D. @GuntherD8

@AwardsDarwin Showing lots of confidance in the guy that placed the mounting bracket for those units.

03/08/2020 05:01:11 WIB
Work from home: 2020 "Spooky Action at a Distance" @w_mccan

@AwardsDarwin Bonus: He's only sleeping there because his wife grew tired of his foolishness and tossed him out.

03/08/2020 05:07:15 WIB
the Blank Zebra 🏳️‍🌈 @BlindZebraInc

@AwardsDarwin She told him to sleep on the couch, but they don't got a couch. What's a man to do?

03/08/2020 05:19:18 WIB
OILERSLIVE Podcast @oilerslive

@DonWill90050365 @AwardsDarwin @G_B24 You should try a different tact than humour because it's not working out for you.

03/08/2020 05:59:27 WIB
Noah Wiley *️⃣ @nwiley123

@AwardsDarwin He's probably out there to get away from his woman.

03/08/2020 06:40:37 WIB
Heath C. Poole @Hcpesq

@AwardsDarwin He is out there because of a woman....doesn’t the Bible say it’s better to live on your roof than share space with a quarrelsome wife ...Proverbs 21.9

03/08/2020 07:05:53 WIB
©THIERRY @gingeryiddo

@AwardsDarwin I’m saying he’s hiding, her husband came home early.... 😉

03/08/2020 07:36:56 WIB
Don Williams @DonWill90050365

@oilerslive @AwardsDarwin @G_B24 Okay, I've got one. Fixed your handle spelling slightly. @oilerslime you're welcome

03/08/2020 07:41:39 WIB
Fernando Molina Argudo @FernandoMolArg

@Ex101JC @AwardsDarwin Maybe he was hiding from his lover s husband out of the window.

03/08/2020 09:24:43 WIB
AndyC @Andycollett73

@AwardsDarwin This is someone with four kids under 12.

03/08/2020 10:15:26 WIB
Cody @0SHAlicious

@AwardsDarwin I bet he’s out there because he’s tired of listening to his lady complain

03/08/2020 11:33:41 WIB
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