Thoughts on @NYTimesKrugman's "The War on Logic"

A compilation of reactions to Paul Krugman's provocative essay on Republicans and health care reform.
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Once you try to "spin" math, you should just be put away. RT @NYTimeskrugman: The War on Logic
Cookies for everyone when Donnie resigns! @beth4158
As ever, I put my trust in the Nobel Prize-winning economist on such matters. / RT @NYTimeskrugman The War on Logic
Vicki Hurst @brookgarden
Completely brilliant - if you read nothing else this week, read this! RT @NYTimeskrugman The War on Logic
Allen Stairs @AllenStairs
When logic is outlawed, only Republicans will have giraffes. RT @NYTimeskrugman The War on Logic
Les Zouazo @Mtl4u2
The War on Logic - Could be titled "On the compulsion of US voters to self-inflict pain."
annette torres @annettetorr
@NYTimeskrugman I'm pretty sure logic gets lost in infamous Dupont circle...RT @NYTimeskrugman: The War on Logic
Tom Jefferson @tjefferson1976
CFR-org's Krugman The War on Logic Another false flag 2 distract people from seeing they live in a CFR run oligarchy#nwo
Alexander Jefferson @truthnik
Ain't nothin' that pisses me off more than logic!!: The War on Logic @NYTimeskrugman
Steve Grob @Baxwest
You could easily title this The War on the Less Fortunate: RT @NYTimeskrugman The War on Logic
This article is so telling. If the debate is simply on philosophy it's way easier RT @NYTimeskrugman: The War on Logic
k mendoza @atlasslugged
G.O.P has lost interest in t war on terror & shifted to the war on arithmetic. .. G.O.P. has moved on to a t war on logic. ->NYT Krugman
RT @nytimesopinion #Krugman: The War on Logic >all about #framing. interesting how the 'old' fights for its survival
Mike Fricano @mikefricano
In honor of cilivity, I won't say that I hate the GOP for this. | The War on Logic -
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang @askpang
"Republicans... have lost interest in the war on terror and shifted focus to the war on arithmetic... and logic."
Someone just launched a war on logic. #illogical #paradox
Ebony Maw Tom @tomakeanend
The Childishness of GOP arguments on Health Care: Krugman-The War on Logic-
Kamendra N Mishra @kenmishra
The War on Logic - A must READ for all of us who want to understand Republican Opposition to HealthCare Bill!!
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