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Cocok untuk Rumah Minimalis, Ide Kamar Multifungsi dengan Perabotan All in One

Save dulu, ntar kalau udah punya duit baru dipikirin
Shivansh Gupta @guptashivansh77

@EngineringVids The money that I will spend in buying these furnitures, instead I will get a bigger bedroom in that money.

27/07/2020 20:33:05 WIB
imgood @handikahasta_

@EngineringVids anyone can explain that using what application?

27/07/2020 20:58:21 WIB
Mark Walder ⚛️🇬🇧⚛️ @MarkWalder2

@EngineringVids @thepantingclip that is not a small bedroom, when the only thing you can get in it is a single bed and a bedside, then you can say you have a small bedroom, pretty standard in social housing UK!

27/07/2020 21:05:02 WIB
TheDeeSCreative @TheDeeSCreativ1

@MarkWalder2 @EngineringVids @thepantingclip Most houses in the U.K. actually, particularly newer ones. Along with teeny tiny windows so they are dark as well as small.

27/07/2020 21:37:02 WIB
Hanyalah @serbuk_royco

@EngineringVids everyone seriously not gonna talk about how tf to get our clothes if we put it under the mattress?

27/07/2020 21:43:00 WIB
Du•ane🧬 @dwizzskyhigh

@serbuk_royco View it as clothes for the season that’s over. Take the summer clothes out and put the winter clothes in or vise versa

27/07/2020 22:21:30 WIB
Sangre y lúpulo @3Corchasos

@EngineringVids Muy lindo pero te faltó poner la cocina y el baño

27/07/2020 22:51:41 WIB
AP11 @aripsolomon

@EngineringVids Love the tennia racket in the end. 100 sq feet and they're looking to play doubles in the apartment too!

28/07/2020 00:13:41 WIB
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