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(Siapa yang Jadi Pemenang dlm Adegan Komedi Ini?) Sarjana Marketing Seprtinya Gagal Paham dengan Metode Sold Arrogant Ini Sih 🤓

Merasa jenius dlm pemasaran? Coba lihat ini
Zdenek Kubik @zdenekkubik

@cctv_idiots Well it is actually normal in China, it is not considered that much inappropriate than in the west. This might be actually comedy, not real.

29/07/2020 16:17:24 WIB
ماجد @Imajed

@cctv_idiots In the end she won. Force him to buy something that he do not need to buy!

29/07/2020 16:26:32 WIB
JC @jcwhall

@macharia_mbugua @cctv_idiots He's bought two items from her shop. She's the winner

29/07/2020 16:27:25 WIB
放 开 气 冷 @RD3291

@zdenekkubik @cctv_idiots Well, Being topless in acquaintance places is more or less accepted, but treating a store staff with such arrogance is almost always not normal and accepted.

29/07/2020 16:32:41 WIB
Ai Sandall @sandall7k

@cctv_idiots One of the worst thing I know, is when u ask for money and people throw it at you.

29/07/2020 17:02:29 WIB
Steve Thompson @SteveTh27414417

@cctv_idiots Not gonna lie I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t get mown down once he stepped onto road #helmet

29/07/2020 17:04:37 WIB
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